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Discover Cashback Match: Discover Cashback Match credit card has some different features from the rest of the credit card world. The biggest difference of the credit card is cashback issues as you can see from its name.

If you have Discover Cashback Match, then the credit card match all of your cash payments back. This payment happens at the end of the year and the bank pays your payments no matter how much it is. The credit card is the only one which has a feature like that in the world.

Cashback is only available for the new customers of the card. If you have already a member of the card, then your cashback payment rate depends on when you take the credit card.

There are no different categories for the bonus points. As much as you spend, the credit card gives you bonus points. You can see how much bonus point you have in your account anytime you want.

There is no annual fee for the Discover Cashback Match credit card for the first year. After then, the bank costs you a fee depends on the type of your credit card.

There is no purchases fort he first six months after account opening, balance transfer rate is 0% for 18 months again.