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DFB team crisis comes to a head: Joachim Löw is lonely


The debate about Joachim Löw is intensifying. There is rumbling in the association, the DFB is expecting explanations – a very dangerous mixture for the national coach. In the DFB headquarters people speak of the “lost magic” and the “missing master plan”.

The “dark clouds” over Joachim Löw are pulling together in a destructive hurricane that threatens to sweep away the ailing national coach. But at least from a possible “low Jürgen” the staggering world champion coach from 2014 has nothing to fear (yet). “In the future, maybe. Now? No, because I don’t have time,” said Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool FC team manager, about the national coaching post. He likes it on the island – “even when the weather is bad”. Nevertheless, the situation is becoming increasingly threatening for Löw.

The historic 0: 6 debacle in the Nations League in Spain triggered a moderate earthquake, and the German Football Association (DFB) is seething. Quite a few members of the Presidium are demanding clearer answers – it becomes more lonely around Löw.

“Bild” and “Spiegel” quote anonymous snipers from the Frankfurt headquarters. There is talk of “lost magic” or the “missing master plan”, and even of the requirement that Löw should no longer receive “a free ticket”.

“That was a disaster day”

By December 4th, it was decided at a switching conference of the association superiors on Friday, the national coach has to deliver a convincing analysis and explain how he wants to correct the mess up to the European Championship and form a title candidate from a completely insecure team. That doesn’t just sound like an ultimatum – it is also interpreted that way in the DFB. Löw has to fight for his job.

After all: they want to spare the national coach the well-deserved national coach from a tribunal in his 15th year in office. Löw’s findings are to be presented to the top by DFB director Oliver Bierhoff. Until then, President Fritz Keller wants to capture those presidium members who feel ignored and whisper that the Keller / Bierhoff duo is going it alone.

Keller had given the direction in Seville and tried to help Löw by reinterpreting the shame for a “one-off blackout”. “That was a disaster day today,” quoted the “Bild” from the president’s address in the cabin. Keller is said to have appealed to the team: “We have to look ahead and forget about the game, but we believe in you! We are one unit! Even if a storm comes – we stand together!” And to Löw.

But the critics are getting louder. “I think that he can no longer reach the team,” said record national player Lothar Matthäus on Sky. Löw now has to “be honest with himself”, he demanded and ask himself: “Do I still enjoy it? Do I have the feeling that I am still getting the best out of the team?” If this is not the case, “he must resign”. But it doesn’t look like that at the moment.

Müller is ready

Rio World Champion Per Mertesacker sees “a lot, a lot of problems” and emphasized: “There is nothing that can be said positively.” Löw has it “tough” to tighten again: “He’s been in the crossfire one or the other time and has always overcome it relatively cool.”

But while Löw’s former assistant Hansi Flick defended his personnel policy (“The path is in order”), ZDF expert Mertesacker demanded that the national coach should question his decision to remove Thomas Müller, Jérôme Boateng and Mats Hummels. The trio would be ready to return. “As I said, none of us resigned,” emphasized Müller.

He suffered with the DFB selection, the Munich-based admitted, in general there is currently “a lot of negativity” around the national team: “That certainly hurts too.” He has the feeling that “the German soccer fan is longing for things to go well again, for momentum to be back.” And after a change of coach?

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