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Compare some of the best credit cards

Finder.com.au is an Australian owned provider of information about Australian credit card products. We cover a wide range of credit card services provided by credit card companies through the banking and financial sector.

We provide up to date detailed information on over 130 different types of credit cards and card features to help you make an informed decisions about which credit card suits your needs best.

You will find card comparisons and online calculator tools that will show you the different advantages each credit card offers. Compare the savings that are possible for different types of credit cards offered throughout Australia.

Search and compare Visa CardsMastercardAmerican Express Cards and Diners Club Cards or even Visa and Mastercard Debit Cards.

Our comparison tools and charts compares the different interest rates, rewards points, interest free periods offered and also show any cheaper introductory interest rates that are available should you switch banking products.

We provide quick and easy access to an online credit card application when you find a product that suits your needs.

Find and compare credit cards at Australia’s comprehensive resource centre for Australian credit card information.

Low Interest Cards (Low APR)

Low rate credit cards are best if you are looking to purchase items and only make the minimum repayment on the card. If you leave an outstanding balance that will incur interest each month, you want to ensure you have the lowest rate possible. Consider the difference between a card with 11% and 20% interest rates, with a $3000 outstanding balance, you will incur over $20 more interest per month on the high rate card. This is a popular option for people who will make regular repayments on a purchase, but can avoid applying for a personal loan often with a higher interest rate.

Reward Program Cards

Rewards are a great way to earn bonuses and get some money back from the banks. Usually rewards cards have higher interest rates, higher annual fees, or reward program fees. You should only opt for a rewards card if you plan to spend a lot of money on the card, but pay the balance to zero each month (before incurring interest). If you know you can pay off your balance each month, then a rewards card could be right for you.

Gold & Platinum Cards

The Gold and Platinum credit cards generally come with a few more expenses in terms of higher interest rate, annual fees and late payment fees but these cards are aimed at the high end user and give you not only status but preferential service with any card enquiry’s you may have . Gold or platinum credit cards come with terrific products attached. In most cases you are entitled to travel insurance through the rewards program which also caters for frequent flyers and using your card at one of the program partners will result in you receiving even more reward points. You will have to visit our credit card comparison chart when searching for the best gold or platinum credit cards to find a full list of benefits associated with the different gold and platinum credit cards.

Interest Free Cards

Nearly all credit cards on the market have an up to 55 day interest free period attached to the card. This enables you to make credit purchases and dependent on when your statement is due, you will have up to 55 days to pay your account without having to pay any interest. This makes using your card a great alternative to carrying large amounts of cash when you go out shopping. However, you will be charged interest if you do not make your payment in full by the due date on your statement. Please note that the 55 day free interest term does not include any cash advances and that any cash advance made on your card will be charged interest from the day that you take out the cash advance.

Balance Transfer Cards

The competition amongst the banks to get your business has never been greater. With Australia’s credit card debt average at $3000 per cardholder, it is little wonder the banks are offering incentives for you to transfer your account to them. Australian financial institutions offer you anywhere from a zero interest rate on your debt for the duration of you’re your debt to a small credit charge for a 6 month period. For example, you could be paying off $100 per month on your card today with $80 being taken off the principal and $20 worth of interest, by transferring your debt to another financial institution you can pay the whole amount off your debt, there is no interest to pay.

No Annual Fee Cards

No Annual Fee credit cards are just your normal credit card that you can get without having to pay any annual fees. A no annual fee card is perfect for those who find they need a credit card only on rare occasions. A low interest No Annual Fee card can bail you out of a tight situation and with some companies charging anywhere from $25 to $150 for the privilege of having a card, a no annual fee card is a product that can be useful. Even if you already have one, a no annual fee credit card can sit in your wallet or purse and be used in case of an emergency. With no annual fee it’s not going to cost you anything to have access to immediate funds should you need them.


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