Credit cards provide us with many conveniences in our lives. But it also has losses other than the facilities it provides. One of these damages is the difficulties we have experienced in closing the credit card. You can not close your credit card quickly. Because you need to do some work before closing it. Below are the actions you will take to close your credit card.

The first thing you need to do to close your credit card is to go to your bank. You can not close your credit card by phone. Because the banks will give you various problems. Bank officers will give you a card closure form. You should fill this form carefully. You must also specify the reason for the card closure. After you fill out the form, hand over the task. The bank officer tells you what you need to do next.

You must pay your debt completely before closing your card. Your card will not be closed when you do not pay your debts. You should also not have installments on your card. If you have installments, your credit card will not be closed.

Your card will be closed within one week after you apply. You should deliver the card in your hand to your bank. The bank officer will give you the card closure form. Keep this form. If you close your credit card, the bank will not give you a new card for a long time. So consider it before you close your credit card. If you have more than one credit card, close the cards you have not used.


The credit cards we use for our needs have taken the place of money in our lives. We all prefer to pay by credit card instead of money. There are many reasons for this situation. But the most important reason is postponement of payments. We will explain the use of credit cards in travel and internet shopping for those who have never used credit cards before.

You can use your credit card as you wish for domestic travel. After you choose the flight you can pay with your credit card. You can earn a discount or free flight if your bank agrees. If you are going to get a passenger ticket over the internet, be sure to get it from the company website. Other sites may not be secure and may cause you problems. Card information requested from you at web site; Card number, expiration date and CVC code. The numbers you need to enter to get tickets are the sixteen number on the front of the card. You must write these numbers without spaces between them. The expiration date is also on the face of the card. You should write the numbers in month and year as two digits. The CVCcode is the three-digit code on the back. Do not share the CVC code with anyone. You will receive a ticket when you have completed these transactions respectively.

You will do it on the internet and you should do these transactions on other purchases. But pay attention to the web sites you will use. Otherwise your information may be in the hands of someone else.


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