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Corona Symptom – COVID-19 Symptom

Corona Symptom - COVID-19 Symptom

The cold season is in full swing, the throat scratches or a cough torments the sick. Actually no big deal if it weren’t for the worry about whether it might be a corona infection. A study narrows down the symptoms – there is one thing in particular to look out for.

Do I have Corona? Or did I already have it without really realizing it? These questions can only be answered clearly with a corona test or antibody test. Because it is often not possible to recognize Covid-19 based on the symptoms alone. Many typical symptoms are similar to those of a classic flu or cold.

A recent study from University College London (UCL) shows: There are certain symptoms that 80 percent of patients who have been infected with Covid-19 have.

Difficult distinction

There are many different symptoms that corona patients can suffer from. Unfortunately, many of them also appear in colds and flu-like infections, which makes it difficult to differentiate at first. In the London study, the symptoms of the subjects infected with Covid-19 were broken down according to their frequency:

  • Chest pain: 87.1 percent
  • Difficulty breathing: 85.3 percent
  • Headache: 84 percent
  • Muscle pain: 83.5 percent
  • Loss of smell and taste 80.4 percent
  • Sweats: 76.2 percent
  • Abdominal pain: 74.6 percent
  • Cough: 72.7 percent
  • Fever: 72.4 percent
  • Sore throat: 69.6 percent

All of these symptoms could indicate both a cold, the flu, and a Covid-19 infection. But: The more these symptoms appear, the more likely a corona infection is.

How to recognize Corona


UCL researchers also noted that a symptom that occurred in 80.4 percent of those infected is more uncommon for other illnesses such as the common cold and flu: loss of smell and taste. Study leader Rachel Batterham concludes that “Loss of smell and taste is a very reliable indicator that someone is likely to have Covid-19. Governments around the world should consider this symptom as a criterion for self-isolation, testing, and contact identification. to contain the pandemic.

A total of 590 participants answered questions about loss of smell and taste and other Covid-19-related symptoms. Corona was finally detected in 567 test persons.

Source: ntv.de, awi


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