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Citi Simplicity Card: The credit card is named Citi Simplicity credit card is actually one of the ideal card for every single credit card user in the world. There are a lot of features of the credit card and some of them make it really a preferred one. Simplicity Cards is also one of the credit cards which have great customer ratings on the review websites.

Citi Simplicity credit card is the only credit card with no late fees. You can pay your bill late as much as you want, but there will be no extra additions to your bill just because of it. This is the main reason why the credit card is one of the credit cards which have most customers in the world.

There is no annual fee for the credit card. But there is a difference between the other credit cards with Citi Simplicity. You don’t have to pay an annual fee for ever. City Bank is one of the limited number of banks which makes his customers pay no annual fee in the world.

The credit card gives 5% of the spendings to his customers as bonus points. There is no category fort his percentage, it’s available for any of your spendings.