Home Banking China is leader of global wind energy production

China is leader of global wind energy production

China is leader of global wind energy production
China is leader of global wind energy production

The biggest capacity increase in wind energy production in the world took place in China with 23,370 megawatts last year.

According to the Annual Market Report of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the wind energy power in the world increased by 12.6 percent (54 thousand 642 megawatts) comparing to the previous year, and it reached  a level of 486 thousand 800 megawatts. GWEC expect the market to pick up again in 2017.

In wind energy capacity the biggest increase was in China with 23,370 megawatts in 2016. As a result, China’s total installed capacity in the wind energy became 168 thousand 732 megawatts, leaving a total of 153 thousand 729 megawatts installed capacity of 28 European Union countries behind. It is also stated in the report that there is a slackening in Chinese electricity demand, and the grid is unable to handle the volume of new wind capacity additions.

The United States, which had an additional wind capacity of 8,203 megawatts, became the second country having the largest amount of installed wind energy capacity. Germany, with 5,444 megawatts, became the third country.

Europe succeeded to install approximately 14 GW in 2016 and its cumulative total installed wind energy capacity reached 161.3 GW. The European Union unsurprisingly made up larger amount of this total number, installing 12.5 GW, and bringing its cumulative total up to 153.7 GW. Outside of the EU, Turkey had a good year and broke the 1 GW barrier for the first time ever and installed 1,387 megawatts.



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