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Business Folks, Have You Considered American Express?


Most people in the modern world have at least one credit card in their wallet. Depending on your necessity, you may have one or two now. But if you want to do business activities, then you need to consider American Express. Okay, it sounds cliche. But many businesses have been reliant to this credit card. Although it is not widely accepted as other cards like Visa or MasterCard, it is important for ones who want to conduct businesslike activities.

There are many types of American Express. Briefly, you can apply for Blue Card, Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, Preferred Rewards Gold Card, as well as Platinum Business Card. Each has different offers.

American Express is popular amongst small businesses. It has all offers which can support small business owners. Not to mention the welcoming open forum wherein you can have nice interaction with other business owners. You can also get the resourceful information on how to manage your finance. American Express is also popular amongst larger business. If you are running corporation, you can consider Corporate Card Programs too. The company also offer you to use the business travel solutions in which you can use when traveling for business.

With merchant tools, you can also integrate American Express to your website. But that is not all. They can help you to post your ads in newspapers and magazines, spreading the word about your brands.

American Express also offers Gift Cards. These are the prepaid credit cards which give you tons of benefits in term of gift money. Being merchants with American Express make you a special user with special privilege. They appoint customer service to help you anytime you need. Like Visa and MasterCard, you can also make the use of “Prepaid” cards. It is like a gift card which you can use in any place which is open to American Express. This is great for those who want to give something to others. The good thing here is that prepaid cards can be refilled. It has almost similar features of American Express cards, except you won’t have account and PIN number.

All in all, American Express card is a good option for small business owners. If you are online users, then you should consider this card as your belonging. American Express, without a doubt, is reliable and trustworthy service. So there is no reason to step back, unless you already find the best alternative.


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