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Bodywork to Help You Feel Better

Bodywork to Help You Feel Better
Bodywork to Help You Feel Better

People start thinking about using bodywork to help their physical states for a wide variety of reasons. Athletes over train or are seeking avenues to recover more quickly from healing. As we age, we face more aches and pains or need to heal from surgeries and other procedures. Sometimes we just face stress and too many hours staring at the computer. Whatever the cause, it’s important to know that there are a wide variety of bodywork modalities that can help you feel better.


One of the best introductory forms of bodywork is massage. There’s a wide range of styles of massage, from the light touch of a Swedish massage that’s designed to help you relax to hardcore deep tissue that focuses on working out the knots in your body. Sports massage combines strategic stretching with massage in order to get the best possible results. If you’re just getting started with bodywork, consider booking a Swedish massage. If you’re tolerating it well, you can ask the masseuse to adjust his or her technique to go a bit deeper. You’ll quickly find the right balance of relaxation and release of physical tension.

Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is one of the most recommended approaches to bodywork by doctors, nurses, and other clinicians. Physical therapy is used to help increase mobility, relieve pain, and speed up recovery from injuries and medical procedures. Physical therapists offer a wide variety of treatments, from stretching to the strategic strengthening of specific muscles.


Does back pain ever prevent you from doing the activities that you want to do? If so, chiropractic might be the way to go. Chiropractors receive training equivalent to medical doctors, but they focus primarily on the alignment and health of the spine. Visiting a chiropractor is often covered by your insurance, and can be a good way to address issues that affect your back, neck, shoulders, and overall postural concerns.

Lymphatic Drainage

One of the most mysterious systems of the human body is the lymph system. Your lymph system which includes major organs like the kidneys and liver as well as lymph nodes is responsible for immunity and clearing toxins out of your body. Sometimes when you’re fighting an infection or a more serious illness, your lymph system gets backed up. Lymphatic drainage massage is a focused technique that assists your body in draining any infections and other debris that have backed up. It can be helpful whether you’re recovering from a cold or working on eliminating toxins from more serious treatment such as chemotherapy.

Bodywork can be effective for helping the body to manage stress, heal, and thrive in a wide variety of contexts. The first step is understanding what your needs are and then experimenting until you find a modality that’s right for you. Whether you’re trying more clinical modes such as chiropractic and physical therapy or more alternative therapies such as massage, explore until you find a form that helps you reach your health goals!

About the author: Megan Stone is an experienced bodywork professional, including a licensed massage therapist and certified physical therapist. Her consulting practice focuses on helping athletes and other active individuals fine the right solution to their mobility and pain problems.


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