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American Express Blue Cash: As we can see from the name of the credit card, Blue Cash simply should prefer by the customers who wants payback after their spendings. The credit cards don’t have a lot of bonus points as the other ones, but it’s still one of the most used credit cards all over the world. Let’s see what Blue Cash credit card gives it’s customers:

If you want to go somewhere, then you should better use your Blue Cash credit card while taking your ticket. The credit card pays %5 of ticket price back. Maximum payment you can get from the credit card is $200 and it can be used for only first six months after account opening.

You can get back 5% of your spending in the US supermarkets with Blue Cash credit card. After you will get $6,000 in total, the percentage decreases to %1. The percentage of your gas stations spendings is 3% and rest of the categories is 1%

The credit card has no special categories for the spending as the other credit cards. Every single category have their own percentage as payback.

The credit card has no annual fee for the first year. After then, you will have an annual fee as your type of Blue Cash card.