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Big games, big headlines: the whimsical year of Alexander Zverev


Alexander Zverev packs his things and then off into the sun. After the most turbulent season of his tennis career, Germany’s number one is desperately longing for a break. However, the 23-year-old already has two big wishes for the coming year.

Alexander Zverev didn’t hesitate for a second. After the end of his extremely eventful season, the best German tennis player was asked what three wishes he had for the coming year. “Three Grand Slam victories”, he replied after his 3: 6, 6: 7 (4: 7) defeat against world number one Novak Djokovic and the end at the ATP Finals in London: “And that my child was healthy the world is coming. ” Zverev will not suddenly be quiet in the coming year either, that much seems certain. If he achieves his ambitious sporting goals, he will again receive a lot of attention. Away from the center courts of the world, the 23-year-old man from Hamburg longs for less hustle and bustle than before.

In the coming days, when Zverev will relax in the Maldives by the side of some close confidants like his brother Mischa, he will have time to review the 2020 season. “You can actually make a film out of my year,” said Zverev. In terms of sport, the narrowly lost final of the US Open against Dominic Thiem should continue to haunt him. But Zverev was also in the semifinals of the Australian Open, celebrated two tournament wins in Cologne and made it to the final at the Masters in Paris. He was one of the most consistent players of the year. “It was a great year. I can build on that,” said Zverev: “But unfortunately I lost some important matches.”

Whimsical handling of the pandemic

Zverev’s 2020 season can not only be viewed from a sporting point of view, the noisy background noises are also included. The German number one hit the headlines again and again due to events off the field. At first, the public was amazed at Zverev’s handling of the pandemic, pictures of the controversial Adriatic tour and from a party brought him unpleasant questions. Then it became known that an ex-girlfriend of his was pregnant. Just at that moment, another former partner, Olga Scharypowa, raised allegations of domestic violence against him, which Zverev has now repeatedly rejected in London. This means there is a statement against a statement.

When asked whether he would take further steps to clarify the matter after the end of the season, Zverev replied that he had said everything and could currently no longer do anything. He will now try to gain some distance from a year that has been challenging on all levels. Then he attacks again in preparation for the Australian Open in January. In order to be able to realize his big goals, the German top player will do everything in his power to clear his head for tennis again in 2021.

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