People are usually want have a best credit cards. Well, How are Credit Cards becomes the best card? For example if your credit card is valid in all countries; your card is a best credit card.

Master Card and Visa Card are Widely cards used in the world. You can shopping by thoose cards every country. You can travel by thoose cards everywhere in the world. You can get Money from the any bank with Master Card or Visa Card. But The banks will buy you the money in dollars. Because in many countries, the currency dollar. And you pay your shopping or food with dollar.  So, Master cards and visa cards are best cards on the world. But Amerikan Express card Does not use every country. Because some country do not keep Amerikan Express card’s swiping machine. So, İf you travel other countries, you must do not use American  Express cards.

The most common bank is a ‘Bank Of America’ in the Usa. İf you trevel or live in America; you consult to Bank of America for have a credt cards. You can use Bank Of Amerca’s card everywhere in Usa. For open a bank account, you need to have your passport and some money. Then a ’Debit Card’ will be sent to your address and you will be able to shop with it.Debit Cards are often used by tourists. ‘We enjoy using Debit Cards’ tourists says. So, Debit Cards are other best card in Usa. There are many more good cards abroad.

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