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Be Coupon Savvy and Save Money

Be Coupon Savvy and Save Money
Be Coupon Savvy and Save Money

In a recent episode of Wife Swap, the pseudo wife complained to the husband that he was obsessed with clipping coupons. As they were grocery shopping, he told her he was stopping for a pizza pie for dinner and that he had coupons.

When he came out of the pizza place, she asked him how much he saved on the pie. He told her it was $1.00. Needless to say she lambasted him for buying a pie to save $1.00. He responded by telling her to take a dollar out of her wallet and throwing it away.

The moral to the story is that regardless of how much you can save using coupons, it is worth every penny. Some might argue that buying a pizza pie to save a dollar isn’t worth it. But for this particular family, it was that night’s dinner.

There are a number of websites that offer online coupons – some that you can print for supermarket shopping and others that offer discount to a wide variety of retail stores.

Coupon clipping has become more popular than ever. With the economy in the tank, every penny saved is well worth scouring newspapers for, checking out online coupon sites, and joining free clubs where you can save quite a bit of money using their discounts.

For example, Ebates.com is a wonderful site where you can join for free and receive emails delineating the discounts offered in any given week. During the holidays, one woman saved over $50.00 on discounts for clothing purchased from Macy’s online.

Ebates’ comprehensive site lays out the actual percentage you can save on any item and it explains what items will be discounted. You are automatically taken to the store’s website and the coupon is applied to your purchase.

There are coupon wallets you can purchase in your local dollar store encompassing slots for specific types of foods. After you clip the coupons, you can file them away in this coupon wallet instead of trying to go through loose coupons at the supermarket.

Many years ago, when coupon clipping was at its peak, a woman purchased over $200 worth of groceries and only paid $19.00. The difference was in the coupons.

Of course, you don’t want to buy an item simply because you have a coupon – only utilize those coupons that apply to your everyday meal preparations.

Think about it this way; would you take a dollar out of your wallet and throw it away? We all know the answer to that question. It is worth the trouble of going through daily and Sunday newspapers and circulars and clipping the coupons for future use. The money saved can be substantial.


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