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BBQ party shocks government: 16 corona outbreaks in Uruguay’s national team


Uruguay’s national team celebrates its success in qualifying for the World Cup with a cozy barbecue. The corona cases then shoot up massively within a week. The government imposed heavy fines after 16 infections. But the players could face further consequences.

The massive corona outbreak in two-time soccer world champions Uruguay in the course of the international double pack in the South American World Cup qualification, which now has 16 cases, has called the state government into action. The government fined the national association for disregard of the prescribed control protocol with a fine of around 12,500 euros. Health Minister Daniel Salinas also asked the football bosses to explain the extreme frequency of infections.

At the beginning of the week, Uruguay’s top star Luis Suarez from Spanish top club Atletico Madrid was one of the first to test positive for the corona virus three days after the “Urus” 3-0 win against Colombia. The infection found in captain Diego Godin after returning to the Italian first division club Cagliari Calcio on Friday marks the 16th case.

Salinas had already reacted angrily to the behavior of the national team before Uruguay’s 2-0 home defeat against record world champions Brazil last Tuesday without Suarez. The trigger was a photo on social media of a barbecue by the national team after the success against Colombia with nine players standing and sitting close together, five of whom later tested positive. “There was no caution,” grumbled Salinas.

Atletico, who had to do without Suarez and midfielder Luca Torreira, who also tested positive for the Uruguayan team, also reacts angrily in Saturday’s championship in the big game against FC Barcelona. According to media reports, club boss Enrique Cerezo is planning a complaint about Uruguay to the world governing body FIFA because of the negligent handling of the South Americans with the Corona regulations.

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