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Australian wine in focus: China announces anti-dumping measures


Relations between China and Australia have not been in good shape for a long time. Now Beijing is heating up the tense mood, bringing anti-dumping measures into play – to protect the domestic wine industry.

China has announced that it will introduce anti-dumping measures against wine from Australia. Because of dumping prices, the domestic wine industry suffered “substantial damage”, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce justified the move in a statement. The temporary measures are due to take effect on Saturday.

According to this, Chinese importers of Australian wine have to pay surcharges of around 107 to 212 percent. China is Australia’s largest trading partner. According to the Australian government, wine exports to China reached a record level of around 755 million euros last year.

Anti-Asian Racism

Relations between the two countries had recently deteriorated. After Australia called for clarification on how exactly the coronavirus pandemic began, Beijing targeted the Australian food industry. Beef imports from four major Australian producers have been suspended. A tariff of 80.5 percent was introduced on barley.

In June, Beijing also advised tourists and students to avoid Australia. This was justified with alleged anti-Asian racism.

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