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Auction sites tips and tricks

Auction sites tips and tricks
Auction sites tips and tricks

Ebay and auction sites in general are excellent for finding products at discount prices, you can buy virtually anything at a discount and often get free shipping, you would be surprised to find that buying soap in bulk can save you $100 per year if you have a family or three or more, that’s a $100 you can use to buy movie tickets for example (also at a discount), or simply deposit the saved money into your savings account. Sometimes these discounted items are limited in quantities, and with millions of users shopping at any time the trick is finding these discounts before everyone else does, and one way to do this is to search for a product with a Buy It Now option and sort results by listed most recently, this will allow you to see products as soon as they are listed, thereby giving you the advantage and allowing the opportunity to buy that product at a discounted price. You can also setup email alerts for products which you normally buy, such as soap, cleaning products, cereal, virtually anything that you normally use, and that can be shipped without the risk of damage.

When searching auctions most people look for ending auctions, for famous products you will see many bids and chances are the price will reflect the market price. Another method is to search for products using misspelled keywords, for example if you are looking for “automatic watch”, search for “automatic wacth” instead, some sellers inadvertently misspelled the title or description and many people only buy products by clicking through categories instead of searching by keyword, they will not find listings with the misspelled title, and if the price is right you will have the advantage and buy a product at a discount.


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