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Article Directories – How effective are they?

Article Directories – How effective are they?

There are a lot of websites online these days that offer free article submission services. These websites are referred to as Article Directories. Article Directories cater to both the burgeoning and established writers. It aids them in getting their work published for free, and is especially highly recommended for those who have never been in print before.

These articles can be written on any topic that the writer chooses as long as it is their own original content. The content is then placed on the website and would have the writer’s byline or name, their email address and their website link as well. By putting the writer’s contact information along with their bylines and article, it would guarantee a lot of leverage for the writer.

For one thing, as a writer for a free article directory, your article would be reused again and again along with your byline at websites that need your specific content. Then too, a writer can make money from submitting to article directories when their content appears on search engines.

To help you better understand how this works, let’s say that a website owner is starting up an e-commerce store to sell scented candles. He may be seeking content on “candle burning tips” and would search for that information at the search engine website. Your candle burning tips article may be one of the free articles that he may see. And depending on how much he likes it, chances are you may be contacted by this web owner to take on regular writing work.

Since there are many article directory websites around, it’s best that you submit your articles to most of them. This will not only guarantee exposure but it would definitely be profitable for you in the long run.


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