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Applying For A Credit Card Online

Applying For A Credit Card Online

Have you been stuck short of cash at an inopportune time? You can avoid being caught short with one of the many credit cards available through Australia’s leading banks and financial institutions. A credit card is a very convenient product that allows us to gain access to funds we might not have until our next payday.

It’s easy to find the best credit card and all you have to do is apply online to give yourself access to money to pay that unexpected bill or even take your new girlfriend out on a date when your short of cash.

Online credit card applications are quick, easy and more importantly safe and secure. If the safety aspect of giving your personal details over the internet is something that you are wary of you can download the credit card application form and drop it off at the bank or post it in.

Applying for Credit Card Online

Applying for a credit card online takes between 10 and 15 minutes. The form is pretty straightforward and gives you the luxury of submitting online when you are at home or in the office. You don’t have to line up at the bank with everyone else during your lunch break.

  • You can apply for a credit card online through one of the direct links when visiting our online credit card comparison chart that shows all the different credit card offers available including the fees and charges involved.
  • The link takes you directly to the financial institution web site so you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to give your personal financial details to a third party.

Apply for the Best Credit Card

We all want to apply for the best credit card but how do we know what the best credit card is? Today the credit cards offered by the banks, all have different interest rates and all these different types of reward programs associated with them.

The best credit card for you is the one that fits best with your financial situation. There are a few different factors that will need to be considered when you start looking for a credit card.

  • Firstly, you need to know how your credit card works. Understand that from the time you make a purchase, depending on how close your purchase date is to the payment due date on your statement, that you can have up to 55 days free interest on any purchase made.

    This allows you to buy goods on credit and not have to pay a charge for them if you time it right. For example, there may be a sale on and you want to buy a dress or a jacket but don’t have the money to pay for it until your next payday by which time the sale will be over.

    You can make a purchase on your credit card and then pay off your purchase when you get paid. You don’t have to miss out on saving money buying an item at a discounted price just because you don’t have the money to do so today.

  • How often do you plan on using your credit card? If you are only going to use your credit card every now and then when you’re really stuck for cash then applying for a credit card that has a rewards program isn’t your best option.

    You aren’t going to earn enough rewards to take advantage of them so you are better off applying for the best low interest credit card available. This way, you can receive a benefit of low interest charge on your card immediately.

* Please note credit card cash advances get charged interest from the time you make your cash advance. There are no interest free days on cash advances and they are generally charged at a higher rate. Check with your bank for the cash advance interest rate.

Credit Card Advantages

  • Most people use credit cards mainly for purchases and this helps with their cashflow and saves them those dreaded bank fees for withdrawing money from their accounts.
  • With credit cards offering up to 55 days interest free terms on purchases that you make, a second, low interest credit card can give you some leeway to maintain the interest free terms on your purchases even though your payday is not for another week. There are low interest credit cards that charge just under 10% while some of the credit cards charge almost 20% in interest if you pay your bill after the due date.

You can visit our online comparison chart showing all the credit cards available and the fees and charges associated with them. Even if you already have a credit card, you can compare the one you have with other credit card deals offered by another Australian bank or financial institution.


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