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Apple Credit Card Explained: Watch BEFORE Applying for Apple Card!

Apple Credit Card Explained

I’m Andrew Edwards and you’re watching your life the latest iPhone accessory from Apple isn’t your typical phone case or charger no it’s the Apple card a No Fee digital first card that offers daily cashback and a titanium physical card as well I just got mine and in this video I answer all the questions you sent in about the apple cart what’s going on Tech Squad andru edwards here editor-in-chief of gearlive.com and as i mentioned today we are going over your questions that you submitted about Apple’s newest products the Apple card now as I mentioned in the open I just got my invitation to apply for the Apple card so I’ll show you what that application process looks like and I’ve also collected the questions you sent over on Twitter Facebook and over on the YouTube community tab did my research talk to Apple and got some answers for you as well so let’s kick this off with how the Apple card works I think one of the most important things you need to know is that in order to get the Apple card you have to have an iPhone that’s right the Apple car requires an iPhone to apply you won’t be able to apply in a web browser or on an Android device or even on an iPad iPod Touch or Mac the only way to apply for the Apple car and get it into your Apple wallet is with an Apple iPhone the card number of your Apple card is accessible in the wallet app on your iPhone and that means you can use the card right away as soon as it appears in your wallet you do not need to wait for the physical card to arrive and in fact as you saw and you don’t even have to opt to receive a physical card if you don’t want to as you use it you’ll see your digital card will change colors based on the categories of the transactions that you make so I understand videos of other people’s Apple cards or even Apple’s official marketing the apple cart and the app looks different depending on whose card you’re looking at so all the different colors and gradients that you see on someone’s Apple card that’s the indication of the categories of products they end up spending money on using their card speaking of the physical card it’s a titanium edged card which will arrive in the mail a few days later after you apply and our the card itself will have your name on it along with an Apple logo on front and a Goldman Sachs and that’s the card logo on the back there’s no card number on the card itself and there’s no signature line either now when you feel the Apple card in your hand it’s very heavy it’s made of metal one thing I asked Apple about was if there was any sort of replacement fee if you happen to lose your card misplace your card or have your card stolen Apple told me no there was no replacement for yet all you need a replacement Apple card just let them know and they will send one now now let’s talk about the benefits for a moment what do you get in exchange for using the Apple card benefits are a big deal these days because anyone can offer a credit card but a lot of people look towards additional perks what else do I get for signing up with your card versus signing up for someone else’s card do I get airplane miles Hotel points cashback double points when I buy something at a restaurant do I get free gas money there’s all sorts of approach out there and these are the ones that Apple is offering with the Apple card at launch so the first benefit of the Apple card is three percent cash back on purchases made from Apple itself and to be clear there’s gonna be a lot of confusion about this it’s not just Apple hardware purchases it’s not just things that you buy at the physical Apple Store or Apple Store online it’s anything that you buy through apples so that includes the Apple Store so if you’re buying a new MacBook Pro or a home pod or an iPhone those things will be eligible to get 3% cashback but if you charge your Apple music subscription your iCloud storage subscription any Apple TV channels to subscribe to Apple news if you’re not subscribing to Apple TV plus all of these things that you would pay Apple for subscription services etc are all eligible for that 3% cashback so again 3% cash back on purchases made from Apple itself next up there is 2% cashback when using your Apple card with Apple pay so any Apple pay transaction those are the transactions where you tap to pay you’re not swiping your physical card if you use Apple pay you will get 2% cashback on those purchases with the exception of course if you use Apple pay in an Apple Store that will be 3% cashback Apple was clear doing the announcement of the Apple car that there’s no limit to these you can use your card as much as you want and you’ll get that cash back for any purchases you make with no limits and finally there is one percent cash back for the instances where you need to actually swipe your physical card and I feel like at least here where I live in the places I travel to here in Seattle la New York San Francisco etc I’m finding more and more that I’m able to use Apple pay in almost every place I go to but there are instances where you do need to bust out your physical card and swipe it and when it comes to those transactions you are only getting one percent cash back so again any time you need to take out that physical Apple card from your wallet when you swipe with it you’re only getting 1% back now for all the cash to the cruise that you’re using your Apple card to pay Apple with Apple pay and with swiping at the end of the day you’re credited with your Apple daily cash so all the cash back that you’ve accumulated during that day is available to you to use at the end of every day now this money is deposited onto your Apple cash card and your Apple wallet and you can use it just like you would any other cash on your Apple cash card which means you can have to pay a friend that messages you can use your Apple cash card with Apple pay at a store and you can even take the cash that you’ve accumulated and put it right back on to your Apple card to bring down your balance now to be fair these are not the best benefits that you’re gonna be able to find when shopping around for credit cards so if you’re purely about the bonuses you’ll probably want to look elsewhere now it should also be stated that the Apple card does not have any fees there’s no over-limit fees transaction fees annual fees all there’s no fees at all with your Apple card you will get finance charges if you don’t pay your bill but there’s no extra additional fees with the Apple card which is something that’s rare and one question I got from someone was can I pay someone else with my Apple cards we’re not buying from a store but can I pay a friend for example with my Apple card and the answer is pretty much no you cannot pay someone from your Apple card to their Apple cash account you can’t treat the apple cart as Apple cash those are two separate things and again it makes sense because the apple cart gives you bonuses for spending and you’re not gonna be able to send money back and forth to your best friend in order to accumulate that sweet sweet daily cash without really actually spending any money on anything Apple cash is funded by debit cards not credit cards when the Apple card is a credit card so no you cannot use that for Apple pay person-to-person transactions however if your friend does have something like a square reader or credit card readers and yes you can pay that person with a credit card transaction using their credit card reader or device and a last question I got from you guys on the Apple card is what if I want to have a joint account I have a spouse have a significant other all of our other credit cards are joint accounts anyone have a joint account with the apple cart as well the answer right now is no the Apple card is only set up currently for individual accounts if you have a spouse you have someone else significant in your life they will need to apply for their own Apple car to be approved on their own merit rather than being a sub account or a card holder on your account at least right now would not be surprised if Apple added the ability to have joint accounts in the future especially with their whole family sharing thing that we see on pretty much every other service that they offer but for now the Apple card is an individual account card if you want to learn more about the Apple card head over to apple.com slash Apple – card if you watch this video before it is publicly available you can even sign up for a chance and get early access to the card as well so there you have it guys that was your look at the Apple card let me know what you think do you plan on applying do you plan on picking one up is it not a card that’s good enough for you and what you’re looking for in a credit card sound off in the comments below I will meet you there for further discussion from me a few percent cash back I’ll be happily taking advantage of that especially when Apple drops that Mac Pro in just a couple of months speaking of in a couple of months Apple will be releasing iOS 13 and just about a month from now I’ve been doing video showing you all the best features I was 13 has to offer one of the best ones that you can now pair your Xbox one or PlayStation 4 controller to your iOS device in order to play your iOS games you want to see a video on that have one I will leave a link up here as well as down in the description below if you want to check that out don’t forget to hit that subscribe button if you enjoyed this one and if you want to see more videos like this one in your subscriptions feed and don’t forget to like this video as well if you found any sort of value in until next time thank you so much for watching as always guys I appreciate your support I imagine we’re birds and I will catch you in the next video you


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