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American Express Open: American Express card is one of the most used credit cards in the United States. When we check the consumer reviews about it, it’s easy to see that the credit card is simply one of the best. If you are a businessman or have something to do in the business world, then the American Express Open card would be your choice. Here some of the benefits for the users of the credit card:

There are 5 main categories for the credit card. When you pick one of them, then you will get 3x points after your spending in this category. American Express credit card is also known with a huge amount of bonus points with different categories.
If you think like “I picked one of these categories, then what will happen to the other ones”, it’s easy to answer your question.

You will get 2x bonus points after your spending in the other categories as well. If you use your credit card in different categories than these 5 categories, then you will get bonus points as much as you spend.

As we say the credit card a huge amount of bonus points, then you will have another one. If you spend $5000 after your account opening, it means you will earn 50,000 bonus points as well. American Express Open card is best-known bonus points credit card and it’s really easy to earn these points.

After all these bonus points, let’s talk about some features of the credit card. There is no annual fee for the first year of your account. But the credit card costs you $175 in a year after the first year.

There is no foreign transaction fee for the customers of the credit card.