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Who is ABS?

The true meaning of financial freedom is knowing that you have the opportunity to create the income you choose. This particular business allows you to create any income you desire.

We have Licensees who have reached a six-figure income within a few months of completing our training program. Others are content with supplementing their regular jobs with another $500 to $1,500 per month, just working part-time at their Billing Service.

You will learn, through our at-home video training and with our continuous personal coaching and marketing support, how to reach any goals you might have, without having to depend on somebody else. Any limitations you have are the ones you place upon yourself. The key is having the courage to get out of “the box”, to learn a new skill, a skill that brings with it power…the power to create financial freedom.

Medical Billing Business
Medical Billing Business

If you truly believe that you can accomplish anything you put your mind
to, then we challenge you to allow your desire to achieve to become
greater than your fear of doing something new.

At ABS we are here to encourage you every step of the way. Most all of the Licensees that have come before you have had no previous experience in running their own business, but with our simple turn-key marketing program and materials, anybody can do it.

We teach a consultative approach. Nobody likes to be “sold” anything and you will not come across as “selling” anything. You simply show business owners how to get their money in the door without the hassles and expense of invoicing customers for their balance or printing paper healthcare claim forms. That’s how fortunes are made — find a need, and fill it.

If you have the compassion to “help” business owners with their
cash-flow problems, then you have what it takes to do well in this
business. If you can answer a few questions and assist a business owner then you are on the road to financial freedom. It really is just that simple.

At ABS we take great pride in helping hundreds of individuals break through their income “barriers” and provide their families with the true freedom of being in charge of their lives.

Great Value for Your Investment
Great Value for Your Investment

 History of The Company

American Billing Systems
American Billing Systems

The Company: American Billing Systems is a national licensing company offering a comprehensive business system to entrepreneurs, who as Licensees of American Billing Systems, operate businesses (typically home-based) that offer professional billing and automated cash-flow management services to medical providers and general business owners. There are no royalties or territorial restrictions and Licensees may offer their services anywhere in the continental United States.

History & Current Status: American Billing Systems, Inc. began operations as “Data One Solutions” in 1987, specializing in the offering of electronic medical claim services to healthcare providers. In 1994 Data One Solutions sold all in-house service contracts and began focusing on the sale of business licenses, offering electronic medical claims processing training and support, primarily in Texas, from 1994 through 1998. In late 1998, Data One Solutions incorporated under the name American Billing Systems, Inc. in order to embark upon a national expansion campaign in which the business system was marketed nationwide. Immediately upon incorporating under the American Billing Systems name the company added to its business system, several automated payment services targeted at small to mid-sized businesses, thereby enhancing the marketability of the system.

Product/Services: The business system available to those who become Licensees of the Company, consists of various proprietary software programs that give licensees the ability to offer the following services: Medical Billing; General Business Billing; Patient Payment Plan (for medical providers) Pre-Authorized Checking (bank drafting) for general businesses; Checks by Phone; Automated Marketing Services (for any business). Licensees complete a home-training program, via eight VHS videos, which is followed by one year of unlimited marketing and technical training and support to assist in starting and growing their Professional Cash Flow Management Business.

Description of Our Market: The US Department of Commerce estimates that 55 million people started their own businesses last year. Of those, it is estimated that 16.5 to 18.5 million operated home-based businesses. The home-based business market is the fastest growing segment of the US economy, with growth exceeding ten percent. American Billing Systems is uniquely well positioned to take advantage of the desire of the American people to own and operate their own home-based business. In addition, the aging of the American population, as the “baby-boomers” reach retirement, assures the growth of the medical industry, one of our prime markets for our services. In slow economies, business owners are all interested in anything that will help them with their cash-flow. We are in the right place, at the right time.

Unlimited Income Potential
Unlimited Income Potential

Mission Statement

American Billing Systems will develop and offer cutting-edge business software and systems with which entrepreneurial-minded individuals may attain any level of success and financial freedom they desire and are willing to work for.

We will offer the finest training and support in our industry while conducting business in an ethical and professional manner that is beyond reproach.

We will do what we can to help our Licensees generate an appropriate return-on-investment. Our goal is a 100% success rate for our Licensees, and we will not be content with less.

We will provide our employees with a work environment that rewards individual and team effort while being mindful of cultural, religious and gender diversity.

In addition, we will abide by the following “Customer Promise”, as members of the Web Chamber of Commerce:

Practice Responsible, Ethical Internet Business

We promise to conduct ourselves and our business, both on and off the Internet, by following practices that exemplify responsible and ethical businesses. To that end, we will

  • be honest in all of our business dealings.
  • not misrepresent our business, ourselves, or our organization.
  • not deceive our customers, partners, vendors, or anyone else we interact with.

Use of the Internet

We promise not to use the Internet for gain when it is at the expense of others. Where our gain may be big or small, we do not believe that any gain can be justified if it can cause harm directly or indirectly, at any level, to someone else.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

We promise to make every reasonable effort toward ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, as long as it is not in conflict with our publicized policies. To this end, we will:

  • Respond to all consumer inquiries in a timely manner whenever possible.
  • Fulfill all agreed upon commitments with the understanding that if we are unable to do so, we must refund any money paid to us for those products and/or services we could not deliver.
  • Make every possible attempt to resolve complaints and disputes within our responsibilities as a responsible, ethical business. If we cannot resolve the problem or dispute, we further agree to be bound to arbitration by WebChamber.com or a third-party assigned by WebChamber.com

Respect for the Consumer

We promise to respect the wishes and privacy of the consumer. To that end:

  • We will follow our privacy policy as posted on our website, and our policy will be to take every possible precaution to safeguard the personal information of all visitors to our website. If we do not post a privacy policy, we will follow the posted privacy policy of WebChamber.com.
  • We will respect the consumers’ wishes with regard to the use of email. If we use unsolicited email, we will provide a means for consumers to request removal from all mailings, and we will honor all removal requests.
Comprehensive Suite of Medical Billing Services
Comprehensive Suite of Medical Billing Services

Patient Well Care Program

One way to help doctors ease their cash flow burdens is to help them increase their overall revenues. A doctor’s office, in reality, is no different than any other kind of business. The doctor’s customers are his patients, and just like a business, the doctor’s ability to make money hinges on his ability to serve as many customers as he can.

Anyone in the world of business would agree that the best kind of


the customer is a repeat customer; the type who comes back over and over again and keeps purchasing goods or services. These repeat customers COST LESS for the business to acquire than new customers, and are therefore more PROFITABLE.

Furthermore, doctors can increase their revenues by encouraging their patients to come back for services such as mammograms, prostate examinations, and check-ups, which are necessities for the patients to remain healthy. If a doctor could just find a way to follow-up with patients to remind them when it’s time for scheduled appointments or alert them to services they may not have known that they needed.

Unfortunately, most doctors are far too busy with the business of handling payment problems that they don’t have the time to attend this critical, practice-building activity. They are simply too swamped to systematize a follow-up program.

The Outsourcing Solution

Once again, outsourcing is the best solution for the doctor. As an ABS licensee, you will be able to offer doctors a systematized program for following up with their customers by sending them letters, cards, and postcards to remind them of appointments and to offer additional services. You will have many different packages of cards and letters to choose from; you can tailor each program to the needs of each individual doctor.

followup postcards
followup postcards

For your efforts, you will charge the doctor a small service fee for sending out the cards and letters, as well as a markup on the printed materials themselves. What the doctors have to pay will quickly be recaptured as a profit when their practice is built to new levels of revenue through your efforts.

Pre-Authorized Checking

Doctors aren’t the only ones who can benefit from pre-authorized checking.

The fact is, there are dozens of different kinds of businesses that can take advantage of this technology… and earn you an income.

Here are some statistics that are common to every business that will help explain why there is such a huge demand for Pre-Authorized Checking for all types of businesses. You may have never thought about it, but it is very expensive and time-consuming for a company to send out invoices to its customers. In fact, an independent study by Network 1 Financial Corporation found that the average cost for a typical business to issue an invoice was $4.17.

That figure, $4.17 per invoice, takes into account everything from the printing costs for the forms and envelopes, to postage, accounting personnel, follow-up labor, equipment costs… and even includes the cost of outstanding money. The bottom line is simple: It costs a business a lot of money just to collect the money that’s owed them. And it’s not just the over-due invoices that a company has to fight to collect. It is expensive to sen

adds up

d out and collect normal invoices that are sent out during the course of their normal business.

Think about the process that an invoice typically has to go through before a company can actually get it’s customer’s money into the bank. First, the business has to issue the invoice, invoice, and, as mentioned earlier, they have to spend an average of $4.17 to do it. Then they have to wait for their customers to send their payments back in. This could take days if the business is lucky; but even more likely, it could take weeks or even a month or two. Then the business has to present the check to their bank, which has to turn around and present the check to the customer’s bank. The entire process takes anywhere from several days to several months.

The Need Is Clear…Will You Be There To Fill It?

Can you see now why all kinds of businesses will be excited to find out that you offer Pre-Authorized Checking? Just like with the doctors, you can collect their money for them in just a matter of hours, not days or weeks-and deliver a stack of checks to them every month that they can immediately deposit at their bank.

What do you think it would be worth for a business if they could get the money that their clients owe them by the first day of every month, without all of the hassles and frustrations just mentioned? ABS Licensees’ clients will tell you loud and clear… it is worth A LOT OF MONEY. These businesses love the fact that our licensees do it all without any effort on their part!

Pre-Authorized Checking is really a win-win situation for everyone. You win as an ABS licensee because you get to earn recurring monthly fees with your clients who are more than happy to pay you to provide the services. And your clients win because they collect more of their money faster than they could otherwise, and they get it for a lot less cost than they could before.

These Can Be Listed….

Here is a partial list of the kinds of businesses that you will be helping: private schools, trash pick-up companies, non-profit organizations, apartments, answering services, janitorial services, trade schools, newspapers, pager and voice mail services, public radio and television stations (for monthly donations), funeral homes, medical equipment stores, alumni associations, tote-the-note auto dealers, rent-to-own stores, lawn care services, self-storage companies, marinas and private airports, maid services, musical instrument rental stores, cable TV services, buying services… and many others. Our Licensees are coming up with new categories every week!

Income Potential

Here’s how YOU, the licensee, will make money by performing this automatic bank drafting service for businesses. For doctors, remember, we were charging them 5% that was billed through to their patients. For other kinds of businesses, however, we’ve found that a flat fee tends to work better. Let’s use the example of a small health club. Suppose a small club has 1,000 customers who spend $15 a month. And then let’s say that out of those 1,000 customers, only 25%, or 250 people, participate in the Pre-Authorized Checking plan. Assuming the national averages, it was costing the club $4.17 to send out invoices before. You can set your transaction fee for performing the drafts wherever you like, but let’s say in this example that you charge just $1.25 per draft. So you just saved your client $2.92 per invoice for those 250 customers that participate in the program or a total of $730. For your efforts, you collect $1.25 times 250 clients, or $312.50. You have a small cost involved to perform the services, usually a MAXIMUM of 25 cents for materials and labor. So you could easily clear a dollar or more per draft… or in this case, $250.

Now I don’t know if $250 sounds like a lot of money to you or not. But before you say NOT, realize that this is a monthly recurring fee that you will be collecting from your client. $250 a month, after month, after month, after month.

How much money do you need to make every month from your business to reach your financial goals? I don’t know what your goals are, but for this example let’s just say you wanted to be making six figures…a hundred thousand dollars a year. That’s basically about $8,500 a month… so you would only have to have 34 clients to be making that kind of money if you were just making $250 per client. Now 34 clients might sound like a lot, but do the math! That’s only about 3 new clients a month your first year! And with our turn-key marketing program, that’s not a very difficult task. Does that sound workable to you? Three clients a month for a residual hundred thousand dollar a year income is doable.

General Billing and Invoicing

Another service that you can offer to business owners is billing & invoicing services. Because not all of the businesses’ customers will participate in Pre-Authorized Checking, the business will still have to send invoices to some of its customers. In other words, some


customers, in essence, say, “No, I don’t want you to automatically deduct money from my account every month. I want you to keep on sending me a bill in the mail.” From the business owner’s perspective, this is now a huge pain in the neck. Now he’s back to square one… he has to pay the $4.17 in time, effort, and manpower to generate and mail those invoices every month.

Think about it: How long do you think it would take to generate, stuff, address, and mail invoices? If the business has very many customers-even a couple of hundred-it would probably take at least several hours, if not a couple of days. When you perform this service for them, it frees up a significant amount of their time, and ultimately costs them a lot less money.

With our multi-client billing and invoicing software, you can prepare and process invoices for your clients, mail them or send them by e-mail to their customers who have e-mail addresses. Outsourcing is an effective way for businesses to save time and money while focusing on their core competency. Outsourcing billing and invoicing is another way you can show your clients how to be more efficient and profitable.

PAC and Billing Example

A health club has 1,000 members who each pay a monthly fee of $25, for a total monthly revenue of $25,000. If this health club does not participate in Pre-Authorized Checking (PAC) or Billing services, they would incur a cost of $4,170 a month just to generate and send out the invoices ($4.17 X 1,000 members). Plus, you must factor in the amount of money lost from


late payments and payments that are never received to estimate the real cost.

Now let’s say that 25% of the club’s members sign up for Pre-Authorized Checking; that’s 2500 s/b 250 members. If you were to charge the club $1.50 for each draft, that would only cost them $375 to service those customers ($1.50 X 250 members), compared to $1,043 before ($4.17 X 250 members). That’s a savings of over $650 per month, not to mention the benefits of instant cash flow every month.

Then let’s say that the club outsources the rest of the invoicing to you. That means you would prepare and mail out 750 invoices every month (to those who don’t participate in PAC), at a total cost to the club of just $1.75 each. That’s just $1,312.50 per month to invoice those customers.

If you add that amount to the cost of PAC, the club’s total billing and invoicing cost for the month would be just $1,688. That’s a real savings of almost $2,500 a month. That’s money that goes straight to the bottom line. Can you see why these services are in such big demand?

For billing services, there is a wide range of fees you can charge… our licensees get anywhere from a dollar to two dollars and fifty cents per invoice generated and sent. So now let’s say that you’re already clearing $250 a month from your client for their pre-authorized drafts, and now let’s say you can make just a dollar apiece by doing the billing for the other 750 clients. That would mean an additional $750 per month you would make on billing or a total of $1,000 a month including the pre-authorized drafts. Not bad for one account! We have also put together marketing materials specifically for the billing service that will drive in enough leads to make you a nice income within a short period of time. With a little effort, billing could easily become one of your biggest profit centers. If you’ve been looking for something you or your spouse could do, at home, on your personal computer, to earn additional income, this could be the service you’ve been looking for.

American Business Systems Reviews

We did it again ABS. We brought on two more doctors!

I was at one of my other accounts and was helping my client by answering his phone for him. The other party was a Chiropractor and I starting talking about our services with this doctor only to discover that he was with another billing service but they were using Medisoft and transferring data via PC Anywhere on a weekly basis.

I talked to him about our services and how our software was online and in real time and I also advised him of our PPP (Patient Payment Plan Service). He wanted me to meet with him that day. I went to his office and he had called one of his friends, which is a Chiropractor, and when I got there, I was presenting our services to two doctors.

The end result is that I signed these two doctors because of what I have to offer as far as technology goes and our service. I cannot tell you how valuable the online software is. When you tell a doctor how he or she can access their records in real time from anywhere that has an Internet connection there is not anything that compares to that. None of the other companies out there offering medical billing have this technology. It is great and I recommend it to anyone looking at getting into this business

Thanks again ABS for all of your hard work and support. Keep up the great work.

Steve Erikson

Hope all is well, Kimberley, my wife, mentioned to me that I should write you with a brief summary of what all we have got going since getting the ABS package of services. So here is our 6 months run down…

After getting the advertising materials (which are so professional no one knows we are an at-home business) we pursued our contacts leading with the Patient Payment Plan allowing for a way to get in the door to 3 doctors offices. Since the PPP costs the doctors, in effect $0, it’s a great way to get in the door and eventually set yourself up for more services. All three of the doctors now use PPP and our medical claims filing services!

One example of how effective the services we provide is the following: $150,000 production-per-month doctor was collecting around $76,000 a month before we showed up. After implementing both the PPP and electronic claims he is collecting nearly 100% of his production with only $1576 not collected last month! He has nearly $100,000 on PPP and is getting paid anywhere from 8-15 business days on the vast majority of his insurance claims as opposed to the average of 60 days before we showed up.

This doctor now has us coming down in the next 2 weeks to have a meeting with 3 other doctors in his area!

Thanx Again for all your help,

Matthew and Kimberley Franek

As I write this I still can’t believe that we actually signed our first contract last Friday! Both my wife and I are still asking ourselves if this is really happening! We signed-up the largest printing company in Hawaii for pre-authorized checking. They have about 1000 accounts of which 500 are active at any given moment. Depending on the client they customize their terms, 30, 60 or 90 days. The average invoice amount is $10,000 with a total invoicing of $3,000,000 per month. Their major concerns were:

20% of receivables were delinquent
Borderline credit approved accounts
Keeping current accounts current

We made our proposal and they agreed to 8% on the delinquent balances, 3% on the borderline credit approved accounts and 1% on the current accounts. ABS, what is 1% of $3,000,000.?… Is that $30,000….per month? ….X 12 MONTHS?…CAN THIS BE REAL?

Of, course we realize that not everyone will sign-up but even with a conservative scenario it is still incredible. And what about the 8% on the approximate $600,000. delinquent accounts? I’m too embarrassed to even mention the potential of that!

I felt very confident in submitting our proposal in the beautiful glossy “ABS Solutions” folder. The meeting lasted less than 40 minutes and he signed the contract without a hitch and my wife finalized it with her signature!

I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the support from all of you at ABS. We really couldn’t have done it without you guys…MAHALO! ALOHOA!

Mike Aqui

I just signed my first account with a chiropractor providing electronic claims filing services!

I had a few personal tragedies detour me from starting my business after training. Then with the birth of my first child, a baby girl, I experienced an eye-opener. I did not want to go back to work.

Well, I did have to go back to work. That first day of having to leave my baby was heart wrenching. So I dove right into my business. I took a day off of work, picked out ten medical businesses to market to. I did exactly as you said, did follow up calls and got my appointment with a chiropractor. The rest is history!

This is quite a challenge for me. It is hard to manage being a wife, a new mom, having a full time career and also starting my own business. But I look towards the future and know that is will be worth it in the end. My goal of being able to quit my full time job to stay home with my little girl will be met! For those of you trying to balance other things and struggles, it can be done. I am living proof! This account would not have happened without the words of wisdom, advice and encouragement from the ABS staff. Thank you with all my heart!

Lisa Rodgers

I offered this my first doctor the Electronic Claims Service. On the second interview I had with this doctor I called ABS to help me out. That was the best thing I did that whole day! This doctor was skeptical. We went to lunch twice before he agreed on signing the contract. This doctor was still using the old paper HCFA forms and he was using codes from the old CPT book. Yes, he needed help bad. This client was not easy to get but I was determined to pursue him.

Each interview I went on I made sure I prayed the good Lord gave me the strength I needed in every area. I encourage everyone to believe so you can receive. I believe by faith more doctors will call me for my business in due season. May God bless everyone who is willing to succeed.

Rose Jordan

Having made the commitment to go into this business and believing that one will not really be successful in any business unless you are as dependent on it … I went to work.

Interest in our service was good but it was difficult getting to the decision-maker. That’s when the ABS training and support really came into the picture. We talked many times and they gave me advice and encouragement.

I started calling on small, locally owned, rent-to-own stores offering the Pre-Authorized Checking Service. The very first one got excited about the prospect of getting his money on time. He handed me a letter from the county attorney that stated that the county would no longer collect hot checks for rent-to-own businesses. Talk about good timing. I was so excited I came straight home and called the ABS Marketing Support department to ask for help. They talked with me, sent me to the Licensee Support System, the private Internet site for Licensees, and emailed other things they felt would help. We signed the agreement 5 days after the initial meeting. During the signing the owner informed me that he wants to put Pre-Authorized checking in his other two stores!!!

Thank you!

Theodore Jackson

I recently signed up another new client for the Patient Payment Plan. It is an MRI facility.

One of their new employees came from another doctor’s office, where I was providing the same service. Lisa, the new employee, recommended that the MRI people talk with us, and after my visit, they signed up for the service. Hey, referrals really do happen!

Their average MRI is $1,400, so we agreed for their patients to pay $200 down, and we will draft the remaining $1,200 over 6 months. We are excited about the new client.

Tom Parris

After going through your tremendous training, my sister and I were anxious to take on the city. We both had full-time jobs, so we were somewhat limited by time.

At this particular time, I needed to offer what I was most comfortable with. I decided that I would offer only the Patient Payment Plan and pre-Authorized Checking since I would only have to do data entry and check writing. Then, we sat down and went through the phone book and wrote down the names and numbers of the dentists. I then started calling these dentists and, incredibly, I called 20 dentists to start with and got 9 appointments. That was incredible! Of those 9 appointments, 4 signed up with me within 2 weeks. I still have 20 more to call from the list. I offered the Patient Payment Plan for free to the dentists and I am charging a $2.00 per draft fee to the patients. I have since been referred to other dentists by the ones I have now. I used the Patient Payment Plan to get in the door and I am sure that later on many of these dentists will want more programs that my company has to offer.

Having been a schoolteacher all my adult life I wasn’t sure that I could go out do this. What I realized in teaching, was that I had to sell a product everyday to many people: students, parents and my principal. I was also uncomfortable selling to strangers because of my weight. I thought doctors and dentists would be put off by my weight. I was wrong!

So, there you have it: the secret of my success. I have not quit my job yet but I plan to resign by the end of the summer. I couldn’t have done it without the support of all the people at ABS. I whined and moaned often, but always felt better when I got off the phone with my personal coach. Nice work ABS! Your business is a real class act and I appreciate all the past and continued help. Thanks!

Wendy Huston

I was very apprehensive about the whole business venture. I had very little confidence in myself, not only in billing, but also in being able to market myself. I am introverted and the thought of marketing left me with a queasy stomach.

My husband and I printed up copies of charts, etc from our training manual and included ABS marketing materials. A bit disorganized at first, but we figured out the system. After a couple of weeks I found I was no longer scared out of my mind to talk to people and even started to enjoy it. The Marketing Support Department was very supportive and when I would call with questions the answers were always more than helpful, and they would keep me motivated to keep trying.

I walked into a very disorganized and dingy office, I panicked and wanted to turn around and leave, but the doctor was there alone and anxious to talk to someone. Two hours later my husband and I left feeling encouraged that we had gotten our first account. It took persistence but we finally signed him up! We are going to be doing their Electronic Claims filing AND setting them up on the Patient Payment Plan program. The Technical Support Department has been such a big help to me so far in setting things up and I know that with their help I will do a great job and my client will be happy he took a chance on me.

We are hopeful that we will have a couple more accounts on the heels of our first. Our first doctor has also given us some leads to other possible accounts who are acquaintances of his. We are confident that more accounts will follow if we keep motivated.

Thank you ABS for all your help and motivation. I know that if it wasn’t for your excellent support (and patience) I would not be able to succeed at this business!!

Bert and Connie Goble

I traveled to a town in our state for a business trip that turned out successful.

I followed up on some contacts I had made from a dental convention a month ago. After three days and three solid meetings I landed one dental office. That’s batting one third! The other two are very interested and will talk to their doctors.

I was all over that town calling on doctors and dentists. It was fun! This town is in the middle of my state, centrally located for a business that will be state-wide you know!

I must say I am having fun running my own business. I thank you again for the opportunity to be my own boss. It is so possible but you do have to work at it. If I can get business, ANY one can!!

If anyone is thinking of getting into this line of business I would encourage it – especially with ABS.

Thanks you again for this opportunity to show businesses how they can save thousands of dollars on their accounts receivables.

Debbie Reynolds

We just landed our first account! Our first plan of action was to send the ABS postcards for the Patient Payment Plan (PPP) to local dentists. We really were not expecting much response, but we knew we had to start somewhere. One day after mailing out the postcards a dentist called very interested. Over the phone I briefly explained the PPP system and asked to set-up an appointment. His response was, “please bring all the paperwork I will need to sign”!!! At the appointment the dentist said he could not wait to start using the PPP, that this would really help him and his patients. The day before he had seen a patient that needed over $2,000 of dental work and had no way to pay it all at once. At the end of my appointment he asked me for several business cards to give to other dentist and orthodontists.

We were very concerned about the amount of time it would take to start getting accounts. Now we have more confidence. Thanks ABS for your help and support!

Trudy DeLaughter

Hey! I just wanted to say that we couldn’t be happier with American Billing Systems, Inc. You guys have been great. We were truly skeptical and scared when we decided to sign up for training. It has been a lot of fun even though it has been hard work getting started. We hope we can offer the same kind of business courtesy to our clients. We are always greeted on the phone or e-mail with such kindness. We always feel as if you guys are on our side and sometimes seem more excited than us for our success. We truly appreciate the fast response we get every time we need help. Almost too good to be true!

Thanks again!

Brian and Kim Boone

I had my first data gathering appointment with a physician. The physician was in “pain” – and needed many of our services. The reason I met with him initially was that, due to circumstances beyond his control, he was forced to assume the role of being his own office manager. I put together a proposal over the following weekend. I finalized my presentation with the support of the Marketing Department of ABS. I made the presentation to the doctors and they committed to becoming a client. I encountered many of the objections for which I had been prepared in the ABS Training materials. I received the support of the ABS staff during the marketing process. A MERE 19 DAYS AFTER beginning my marketing efforts, I had my first client!

I have used nearly all of the marketing techniques that were presented in the Training materials. My partner and I specifically used our “warm” market, networking and telemarketing. We now, not only have our first client, I have two other proposal presentations scheduled for next week. One of these has the potential of a national contract. All of this happened in less than four weeks. The bottom line for me is that if you are willing to work, this business will really work for you. Thanks ABS!! I am on my way to freedom from a career that I hated for many years!

Larry D’Angelo

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how we are doing. We have been a licensee for about 6 months. During that time s we have acquired four accounts, three medical billing accounts and one pre-authorized checking account. The first account was the toughest account to acquire, of course, but since then we are starting to add accounts at the rate of approximately one account per month. I don’t know how we would have done it without the guidance and support of American Billing Systems. The support that we have received from you has been outstanding! Without you all I don’t think it would have been possible to navigate through getting our first customer running smoothly.

I’ve tried a number of approaches to marketing: ads in medical journals, broadcast faxes, network groups and the local Chamber of Commerce in my city. Thanks to the marketing tips and materials from ABS all the avenues we’ve chosen to market our business have produced results.

Thanks again for all the help. Keep up the good work!

Paul DiLiegro

I went by to visit an eye clinic and left some information about Electronic Claims Filing. A week and a half passed and I received a call from the doctor that he wanted to set up a meeting to learn more about it. I met with the doctor and ran a Cost Analysis on the practice as you taught us, using the Cost Comparison Software. After a follow-up meeting he signed the contract for claims filing and I reached my goal of 3 clients by September 5th!

Thanks so much for all your help, support and encouraging words. I know I couldn’t have done this on my own. You’re all a great support team and I am glad I can be a part of it!! Again, thanks for all you have done to help in my success.

Tracy Brewer

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