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Aloe Vera : The Good The Bad & the Ugly


A very famous herbal medication used for many centuries now that has been proven to cure numerous skin problems and suggested to also help giving solution to some damage in our system. It has therapeutic elements that heals and repairs our body when taken religiously. It is none other than, Aloe Vera. This herb holds a pulp where natural nutrients in hefty amounts can be found. Nevertheless, in spite of all the great things this gives, it still has a quite few side effects and these effects are mainly caused by drinking its end product which is the “Aloe Vera juice”. Also, always consult your resident physician before taking any medications, thus, self-medications is prohibited  So always remember to not treat aloe Vera juice like your ordinary orange drink to avoid these side effects but still it is a healthy food.

Although it is known to mainly give solution to skin problems, it still can cause harm in it. Skin problems such as hardening, inflammation, redness of the skin so as the redness of the eyelids are some of its side effects. Also, lessen your time being exposed to the sun for the reason that it can lead to many skin troubles such as inflamed, purple spots medically called as Henoch-Schonleinpurpura, cracking, stinging and soreness of the skin.

Since it is available in the form of a drink it can also from adverse reactions involving the stomach such as dehydration primarily caused by, diarrhea, another side effect of this drink, constipation, adnominal cramps, and addiction since one can develop dependency on Aloe Vera since it offers a laxative effect too.  Hence, if abrupt and extreme pain in the abdomen frequently occurs, then avoid drinking aloe Vera juice. In extent, it is only reasonable that a person with abdominal problems such as fecal impaction and appendicitis must first consult an expert before taking this herbal drink. As mentioned above, diarrhea is another abdominal side effect because Aloe latex and aloe juice has anthraquinone which is a laxative.

Similar to other herbal drugs, it interacts with other drugs such as those available over the counter. As a result, if you are taking maintenance for your diabetes or just a drug to relieve pain, it can interrupt the drug’s effect. Aloe Vera has a great influence over the blood sugar so extreme caution is advised to those who have diabetes blood sugar problems, and those taking drugs that increase blood sugar. Furthermore, it can also lower the amount of potassium so always consider taking this herbal medicine when you are under diuretics. Consult  a doctor first for any adjustments needed to avoid meeting these consequences. Like its influence over blood sugar, aloe Vera also has effect on bleeding properties of the body. Thus may cause you mild to serious bleeding problems.

All drugs can cause allergic reactions so take good precaution over poorly branded brands of aloe Vera must be taken in consideration as Aloe Vera juice are readily available over the counter. You don’t know if your body is allergic to this since it is a family of Liliaceous family as tulips, onions and garlic.

To take all this in consideration, we must not give aloe Vera to pediatrics because doubles adverse effects can take place. In conclusion, always ask a physician first.


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