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AliExpress Dropshipping: What Are The TOP 3 Recommended Payment Methods?

AliExpress Dropshipping: What Are The TOP 3 Recommended Payment Methods? (Must Watch!)

Dropshipping from Aliexpress became the one of the most popular and profitable dropshipping methods.

This method is really easy, and really comfortable if you know how to work right with this supplier But the thing is, if you don’t know how to pay right to this supplier you will have a lot of headache in the beginning and you will struggle with paying them and then your orders will be delayed.

In this video, I want to show, The Top 3 Payment Methods to Aliexpress So you will avoid these problems from Day 1 and I will really show you,

How to avoid these problems?

and What to do from Day 1 to avoid future problems?

Hello Everybody!

So I think this video is one of the most important videos that you should see

if you want to do dropshipping from Aliexpress.

Because I will not only show you the payment methods, I will also show you the tip that will really save you a lot of headache and help you to start easily with the best way.

So let’s see The first thing, for sure the most preferred payment method is Paypal, let’s choose any product just for the example. If I go here, I can see, not for this product sorry,


I can see here Paypal but the thing is that, Paypal is not acceptable for all of the products, as you already saw in this video. It’s acceptable for around 50% of the products and usually if you find a supplier that accepts Paypal for one product

they will accept it also for other products from the same seller.

So remember, if you find a seller with one product that accepts Paypal

you can go and list all of the products from the same seller

because the results will be the same

and the payment method will be always the same for the same supplier.

The second payment method is Credit card.

Now, for a lot of people credit card maybe a problem because of business cash flow and that you don’t want to combine your business with your personal expenses, and I will show you exactly how to avoid this situation. But, For credit cards, if you do want if you really want to work with credit cards usually this is really recommended if you pass this problem of the cash flow it’s not a problem because usually with credit cards you can get cash back.

For example, if you are an American you can get up to 5% cash back.

If you’re Israeli, you can get a Fly card which also gives nice credits for flights,

and actually this is a money that we have on the flow. But if you want to work with credit cards you need to remember one thing.

I don’t recommend you to work only with 1 credit card or only with 1 Aliexpress account

Sometimes the bank or Aliexpress will ask you for documents

usually it will come from Aliexpress side.

And then you need to provide them some documents

this process is not a problem at all

but it will take between 3 – 5 business days to solve the situation.

And we don’t want to have delays with our orders, we don’t want our clients to wait,

and we don’t want our reputation on eBay to go down. So in this case, I would open from Day 1 at least two even better three different Aliexpress accounts with different credit cards.

You don’t need to work on different IP addresses you don’t need things like this.

You just need to work with more than 1 account, so when you get the verification request from Aliexpress.

You will have another one or two accounts that you can still continue and process the orders with them.

Now, If you don’t want to work with Credit Card or Paypal here is method number 3

you can work with something which called Payoneer

that actually I recommend you only if you don’t have business credit card

or you don’t want to combine your regular credit card with the business.

But, Payoneer is an online bank where you can get from them as many credit cards as you want, virtual credit cards.

and the fees of transferring money from Paypal to Payoneer are free with our link that I can share with you.

This is instead of 1% that they take. So Payoneer is a great method because this is an external bank account that you can really easily and immediately open then you can just ask from them for a credit card, link it to Paypal

using the American bank account and then you can pay using this credit card to Aliexpress. This is really comfortable in this method, I also recommend you to open more than one Aliexpress account.

Now let’s see how we’ll get this 0% discount and how we’ll get all of the benefits that I talked about. If you go and write, “Payoneer AutoDS” I created here another video

in the past that helped a lot of people. This video shows you, how to link

Payoneer to Paypal, because Paypal actually doesn’t allow it.

But, there are some special methods, that help you to do this really easily.

So if you go to this video, watch this video,

follow it, it’s really easy, you can see it’s just 5 minutes

and here in the bottom you have the link.

If you click this link, this link will take you to registration to Payoneer

give you $25 after you spend some money

I’m not sure of the amount, I think around $25.

and it will give you immediately 0% discount,

0% for transfers from Paypal to Payoneer.

This is a great method, the only thing is that they take a small percent

for each transaction because their credit card is from UK and this is the only minus using this method but this is not a big percentage and this is not big deal because we will make much more money using Aliexpress, the profits there are huge.

So just to make some conclusions The best method is Paypal, if you find a supplier that supports Paypal just work with them.

List all of there products and that’s all. If you have a credit card with discount

it’s even better than Paypal because this way you can make also money for the purchases in the background.

So in America you can get there, some different credit cards with discounts. Just check with your bank. In Israel, it’s called Fly card,

and I’m sure that in any country you have something like this. And the third method, is Payoneer which is an online bank account.

Don’t forget, never start with only one account on Aliexpress.

Always split it to more than one Aliexpress account.

So you will not have problems in the future.

I hope to see you making huge profit using Aliexpress!

Don’t forget you can ask me everything under this video in the comments.

I promise you, personally I would go and answer any of your questions.

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