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After less than two hours: Trump doesn’t give a damn about the G20 and goes golfing


Under the leadership of Saudi Arabia, the G20 countries are meeting in a video conference this weekend. The main topic is the fight against the corona pandemic. Still-US President Donald Trump also takes part. Actually. Because first he tweets on the side, then he goes golfing.

The incumbent US President Donald Trump left the G20 summit prematurely and went to one of his golf courses. After less than two hours in the video line of the heads of state and government, Trump left the White House to drive to his golf club in the neighboring state of Virginia, as journalists accompanying him reported. In the first hour of the summit, Trump had posted several messages on other topics on Twitter.

According to information from the German Press Agency, Trump was temporarily represented by Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin and his economic advisor Larry Kudlow. At previous G20 summits, finance ministers stepped in for their bosses more often, for example when they held bilateral talks parallel to the meetings.

When Trump is in Washington on the weekend, he often makes day trips to his Sterling golf club on the Potomac River. Trump wanted to participate in the G20 video circuit again on Sunday according to the White House calendar.

More tweets about the alleged “election fraud”

At the same time as the start of the summit, Trump spoke up with several tweets about alleged election fraud in the USA. Among other things, he wrote about the “massive and unprecedented electoral fraud”. Twitter immediately warned the news that the allegations were “controversial”. Trump has so far not provided any solid evidence for his allegations and has already lost several trials on the matter.

Trump wrote on Twitter, among other things, that his son Donald Trump Junior is doing “very well”. According to media reports, this was infected with the corona virus. However, he should not have any symptoms so far.

The two-day G20 summit, hosted by the host Saudi Arabia, ends on Sunday. Together, the members of the G20 represent more than 85 percent of global economic output and two-thirds of the world’s population.

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