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After Covid 19 illness: Ellen DeGeneres is back


After Covid-19 illness
Ellen DeGeneres is back

More and more celebrities are among those who have contracted the coronavirus. One of them is US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. Now she appears again for the first time after her illness and describes how she has fared in the last few weeks.

The American talk show icon Ellen DeGeneres has reported back on TV after suffering from Covid 19. In her first broadcast after her recovery, she gave further insights into the course of her corona infection. In December, of all things, she found out about the positive test result in the backstage area of ​​her “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

She was just wearing the mask when her assistant delivered the result: “And then everyone around me ran away. It was funny, people were really scared.” Some have even not returned since then, DeGeneres joked on. She herself immediately left the studio afterwards. Security staff would then have informed all relevant contact persons.

In her house, which she shares with her wife Portia de Rossi, she then went into quarantine and moved into a separate room, according to DeGeneres. In the first few days, she slept for up to 16 hours and was later given a drug cocktail consisting of painkillers, muscle relaxants and steroids because she developed severe back pain. This Covid-19 symptom was completely unknown to her.

“Only door handles licked”

“It felt like I broke my rib,” said DeGeneres. However, she did not develop other symptoms such as fever, headache and loss of taste. But now she feels “completely healthy and well” again.

To this day, she still does not know where she was infected, explains the 52-year-old. As usual, she adds ironically: “I’m wearing a mask, I’ve washed my hands and only licked three or four door handles. So it’s a mystery how that happened to me.”

But of course she doesn’t really want to make fun of Covid-19, she emphasizes: “I know that many people out there are struggling with this disease. My heart beats for them all.” She hopes her show will bring some joy to those affected and brighten their day a little bit.

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