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A simple guide for taking your first credit card

credit score
credit score

Starting with exchanging their goods continued with usage of money, “the history of human beings’ desire for shopping” reached the credit cards’ period. Nowadays, millions of people in the world use credit cards instead of money.

If you’re looking for getting your first credit card, this could mean exciting times are ahead. But, firstly you have to pass the application process which seems to be the most important exam of your life.

Once you decided to take credit card, there is a simple guide that you have to follow. First of all you have to learn your credit score. Whether we like it or not, we all have a credit score which shows our borrowing and payments of debt, namely our credit history. Most of the lenders, banks and credit card companies use these credit scores to determine how risky the borrower is. In order to check your credit score you can visit the websites of most popular providers: Experian, Equifax and Noddle. After learning your credit rate, you have to explain why you need credit card. For buying things is, of course, the main reason. But, if you want to be a wise consumer, it could be good to check other ways of payment while shopping.

Then, you must decide which credit card is suitable for your budget. There are many choices: Standard cards, 0% interest on purchases cards, 0% balance transfer cards, Rewards cards, Cashback cards, Credit History building cards. If you are able to decide between all these cards, it is finally time for application. There are three ways to apply for a credit card. You can send application over internet, by post or you can go to a bank for application.

As a general rule between 10 and 14 days, you can take your credit card. This period may change due to your application method. If you apply on line with instant decision credit card applications, you may receive a decision via the credit card company’s website within minutes.

Despite the fact that credit score is really important to take credit card, it is not the only criterion. Beside your score, your business and the period you have been working, and your salary are also important to take credit card.



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