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A Guide On Use Of Software In Trading Forex By XFR Financial Ltd | Archive News:2015

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Forex trading software are today allowing investors and traders to trade in forex without too much of a hassle. By automating money, entry and exit management rules, such software as these are making it easy for people to trade from the comfort of their homes as computers execute and monitor all trades. The beauty of this advancement is that it not only eases this process, making it easier for almost anyone who has a XFR Financial Ltd account to trade, but also presents many benefits to both novice and veteran traders.

The Value Of Software At XFR Financial Ltd

In the trading world, such software are also known as automated trading systems, mechanical trading systems, automated trading software, system trading software, and algorithmic trading software and allow traders to institute specific trade entry and exit rules which, once encoded, can be executed automatically by a computer. Trade rules can be based on very simple condition like moving average crossovers, to more intricate strategies that require an excellent understanding of programming languages specific to a user’s trading platform. Often, automated trading systems will require a software that’s connected to a direct access broker, and all the appertaining rules have to be written in the platform’s unique programming language.

The use of software in trading forex at XFR Financial Ltd comes with benefits, and it is some of these benefits that we are going to be looking at.

The Benefits Of Using Forex Trading Software

By automating the forex trading process, such software help traders keep their emotions in check. As a result, it becomes easier for traders to stick to their trading plans since most orders and trades are automatically executed once the trader sets his or her trading rules. At the same time, trading using an automated forex trading software comes in handy as it helps keep those traders that are likely to overtrade from doing so.

Preserves Discipline

Since trade rules are already established, and the execution of trades is automatic, trading discipline is maintained even in the most volatile markets. Most traders often lose their discipline when emotional factors like the desire to make a little extra profit from a trade or the fear of taking losses gets the best of them. Since trading software are fully automated, they help ensure that discipline is upheld as they only stick to the laid out trading plan. In addition, pilot errors are minimized; meaning there is a 0% likelihood for such a system to make incorrect entries.


When it comes to trading, one of the biggest challenges XFR Financial Ltd traders face is planning a trade then trading it. Even if a trader’s trading plan has the potential to be profitable, but he or she ignores the rules, then he or she alters any expectancies the system would’ve had. The truth is that there isn’t a trading plan that wins all the time. With this realization, it is crucial that the trader accepts the fact that losses are unavoidable when it comes to trading. Since losses can be emotionally and psychologically traumatizing, a trader who experiences two or three consecutive trading losses might just decide to skip on the next trade. Now, if this trade was to be their winning trade, then the trader ends up destroying any expectancies the system had. Automated trading using forex trading software allows traders to be more consistent by following through their trading plan.

The above are just some of the benefits associated with using trading software to trade in forex. Other benefits include improved order entry speed, ability to backtest, and diversified trading amongst others.


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