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50webs Review: Hosting with Custom Hepsia Control Panel


50webs is a web hosting service; it offers high quality features, plans and price. 50webs hosting service is 100% reliable as this service provides plans in best price which will easily fit your budget. You will find wonderful data center tour on the websites which show that 50webs are amazingly strong in the field of security, monitoring, and backups. The sites have the powerful art center and optimal route selection with cisco network which really helpful for business purpose. And 50webs host provides 99.9% network uptime which is very useful for the websites you create. It has a different plan according to your budget.

This hosting service provides plenty of features; just with low priced plan you can get 10 domains hosted and 100 sub-domains which also provides 100 email addresses and amazing anti-virus which will really protecting your valuable websites. If you go for little more high budgeted you can get more amazing features like MySQL database, PHP administration and also the superb script. And there is also website builder, plenty of disk space and a 30 days money back guarantee. This web hosting is better than some other web hosting service till now this web hosting service has upto millions of websites hosted.


Overview of 50webs

50webs web hosting service is amazingly earning its position in the field of web hosting and also used of advance technologies. This site is providing a quality service and also wonderful features and with budget which will fit for you. Customer service is always there for you if you have any technical issue. It provides email, phone, and ticket system for contacting with customer care.

50webs offer 5 paid plans and 1 free plan they are- Free, Mini, Starter, Personal, Webmaster, Advanced. You can find each of the plans with the special feature which will make your websites 100% speedy and uptime with virus free anti-virus and many more features are available on this site which we shall see below.

In the Free plan, they are absolutely free web hosting service which is the first plan of this websites or company. Under the Free plan you will get 100% free monthly $0.00 and features includes like- 500 MB disk space, 10 hosted domain.


Feature of 50webs

Before you purchase any of the plan in any web hosting service providers, you must be aware of the features provided in the schemes. There are certain features provided in the service which is very essential for you to have, if not present; the website would not be so reliable as we expected.

  • Domains and sub-domains

The first thing for owning a website requires a Domain name, so here in the service you are provided with 10 hosted domains, upto 100 sub-domains and parked domains unlimited.

  • E-mail

You can open up to 100 email account, and mailing list member is unlimited. It is absolutely spam free which is very important for a safe blog.

  • Customer support

You will get 24×7 customer service, which consists of email, phone, and ticket system. So if any kind of technical issues found, you can solve the problems easily with the expert’s help.

  • Site management tools

Site management tools like Multilingual control panel, password protected directories, website manager, file manager and many more are included in the service for making them more reliable. In addition you will also get PHP4,5,7 support, MySQL v.5 database, SSL certificate generator, Microsoft front page extension.

  • Site statistics

You can also now analyse your website visitors and manage them using the Web FTP statistics, MySQL load statistics.

  • Connectivity and backup

Provided with the Stable Linux with Apache and having 24 core servers with 64GB ram now you can manage your data backups easily.


Plan and price of 50webs

50webs provides 6 types of a plan which consist of Free, Mini, Starter, Personal, Webmaster, and Advanced. All the plan differs from each other in terms of features and price. We will here below discuss more clearly about the details of all the plans

  1. Free Plan

Features- Under this plan you are getting features like- 500MB Disk Space, upto 5GB Monthly Traffic, 10 Hosted Domains, 100 Email Account, upto 99.9% Uptime guarantees and also Free Websites Templates are available in this plan.

And this plan you can get absolutely free, just sign up and get directly to the business.

  1. Mini Plan

Price- $2.00/month

Features- Here you have features like 2.5GB Disk Space, with 25GB Monthly Traffics, 10 Hosted Domains, 100 Email Account with uptimes upto 99.9% guaranteed, 24×7 experts support and also 30 days money back guarantee are available

  1. Starter Plan

Price– $3.00/month

Features- They have the features like 5GB Disk Space, upto 50GB Monthly Traffic, 10 Hosted Domains, 100 Email Account, 99.9% uptime guaranteed and also 30 days money back guarantee and 24×7 Customer support team are available.

  1. Personal Plan

Price- $4.00/month

Features- In the personal plan of 50Webs you will get unlimited in the features and also are little expensive compared to the previous plan. The features are- unlimited Monthly Traffic, 20 Hosted Domains, 200 Email Account, upto 99.9% uptime guaranteed and support team available and also 30 days money back guaranteed

  1. Webmaster Plan

Price- $5.00/month

Features- This plan is for professional website having features with everything extras. And the features are like- unlimited Disk Space, unlimited Monthly Traffic, unlimited Hosted Domains, 500 Email Account, a free domain registration, with 99.9% uptime guaranteed and also 30 days money back guaranteed.

  1. Advanced Plan

Price- $7.00/month

Features– This the ultimate plan of the service which have unlimited Disk Space, unlimited Monthly Traffic, unlimited Hosted Domains, upto 1000 Email Account, 30 days money back guarantee- available, Uptime 99.9% guaranteed with zero downtime and one Free Domain Registration for life time.


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