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34-year-old faces jail sentence: Queen’s cousin admits sexual coercion


34-year-old faces prison sentence
Queen’s cousin admits sexual coercion

A cousin of Queen Elizabeth II is said to have molested a woman in 2020. In court, Simon Bowes-Lyon now admits the crime and blames it on excessive alcohol consumption. The 34-year-old is added to the register of sex offenders. He is also facing a prison sentence.

After the ongoing controversy surrounding Prince Andrew, the British royal family has another scandal. As reported by “The Sun” among others, Simon Bowes-Lyon, a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, is threatened with jail.

Bowes-Lyon is said to have sexually harassed and coerced a woman during an event at Glamis Castle in Scotland in February of last year. The 34-year-old broke into her room while the woman was sleeping, pressed her against a wall, tried to pull up her nightgown and repeatedly touched her immorally.

The victim, who according to “The Sun” is in his 20s, said the accused called a “rude, mean, evil and horrible person” during the attempted rape, who did not have to tell him what to do in his own house. The attack is said to have lasted over 20 minutesbefore Bowes-Lyon left his victim and walked out of the room.

“Drank too much”

On Tuesday, Bowes-Lyon is said to have admitted his act before the Dundee Crown Court, according to the report. He is also said to have apologized for his act. “I am very ashamed of the actions that have caused such worries to a guest in my house,” said the 34-year-old. He had “drank too much” on the night of the incident.

“I didn’t think I would be able to act like that, but I have to face it and take responsibility.” He apologizes to the woman, his family, his friends and colleagues “for the hardship I caused them”. Bowley-Lyon was then released on bail and included in the register of sex offenders, it is said. He allegedly faces up to five years in prison for the sexual assault.

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the mother of Queen Elizabeth II, grew up at Glamis Castle, where the incident took place. The Queen’s late sister, Princess Margaret, was born there. Simon Bowes-Lyon is the great-grandson of Queen Mum’s brother Michael Bowes-Lyon.

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