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0 Credit Cards APR – Balance Transfer Credit Cards Can Reduce Fees


Is there really such a thing as 0 credit cards APR? There’s almost no such thing as free lunch but these advertisements by the credit card issuers are referring to the annual percentage rate (APR).

0 Credit Cards APR: Various Credit Card Deals

Each credit card company has at least a few credit card offers that include 0% credit cards. Interest charges are non-existent for a certain period of time for the card holder. These credit cards are normally given to people that have excellent credit scores such as no late payments, no bankruptcies, etc.

0 Credit Cards APR: Offers For All Credit Types

However, you will be glad to know that even with not so great credit you can still get a 0% credit card if it is only for a limited time. Several credit cards companies offer incentives to get you to be one of their cardholders. The great incentive they offer for a period of a year they will grant one year of credit card usage interest free. This usually means that you will not have any interest charges for your first 12 months on your balance. However, in order to keep it at 0% you must pay off the balance that you spend in those first 12 months. So you are really getting a chance to borrow money for free for a year’s time.

The newest types of credit card offers are shown below. Prominent credit card issuers will make specific credit card deals available from time to time so check back often. Keep an eye out for their offers and apply to them during the window of time those cards are available. Multitude of ways of applying for 0% credit card offers. For 0 Credit Cards you can apply online, on the telephone or fill out the application and mail it in to the company.

0 Credit Cards: Instant Approval When You Credit Card Apply Online

If you apply online looking for 0 Credit Cards APR, you have the option to compare each credit card company and learn which one is best for you in the long run. Check the introductory APR periods because they vary with each credit card. Each credit card has a list of terms and details of their APR / Benefits. Use this to compare it among other credit card deals. Search for credit card offers that can provide you a great introductory APR for 1 year or more without any annual fees.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards Can Reduce Fees

Balance transfer credit cards are more powerful than you think. You can take advantage of them to help you avoid ongoing month-to-month interest fees freeing up much needed cash for expenses or applying that extra cash to pay down your increasing debt!


Balance Transfer Credit Cards: Good Ways To Avoid Fees On Credit Cards APR

With paying interest on the money you borrow when using a credit card, there are an assortment of charges that may end up costing you. However by having your cardholder agreement handy and taking advantage of some simple steps, many fees may be avoided.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards: History of Defaults or Late Payments

Under common default, bank card issuers can boost your interest rates if you are late with payments or funds to another lender. To see if common default may apply to you, check your cardholder settlement that goes into “defaults”.

Take a look at your credit report. If it shows default pricing it’s a hint that your card issuer has a typical default policy. In case you’re frightened about common default, avoid this type of credit card.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards: The Dreaded Double-Cycle Billing Method

The double-cycle billing method happens when the credit card issuer takes your previous and current month’s balances into account and charges interest on both months.

There are some cards that use the two-cycle billing method on your credit cards APR. To check if it does check the credit card agreement which refers to “Average Daily Balance” billing to see how interest is calculated. In regards to credit card default, paying your credit card on time efficient way to avoid this practice.

Transfer Balance Credit Cards APR

Check the details of the new Transfer Balance Credit Cards you plan to apply for. It should have an balance transfer time period and then it will revert to a new APR after the time period is up. Time periods for the initial balance transfer can be a few months to 12 months time before the Balance Transfer APR reverts to the regular APR. So make sure you check the details.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards: Avoiding Late Fees On Credit Cards

Credit card users most likely already understand the late fees which can be charged for not getting a payment in on time but they may not know of one of the best methods to avoid them.

Going online is an excellent tool for avoiding financial institution card late fees. One easy to employ technique is for cardholders to set up digital financial credit card payments ahead of time. In other words, the cardholder can go to the card issuer’s website online to setup a minimum payment online in advance on the billing due date or even earlier. As the due date approaches, they may then have the ability to pay the rest of their monthly credit card bill.

If you honestly cannot make a payment in the time allowed you may need to alert the credit card issuer ahead of time might help you catch a break on late fees.

Balance transfer credit cards and their associated fees are one cost customers should to be aware of. These charges are usually are percentage of the balance transfer amount, however with no cap on charges for a large transfer, they may end up being very expensive.

Low APR Credit Cards

Low APR credit cards offer an excellent benefit if you have credit card debt and are trapped in a constant battle to make small payments on a huge card balance.


You will find relief in the reality that you are not on your own and it happens to quite a lot of people. More than 65% of American people hold a balance on just one or more credit cards, and almost half of these Americans make minimum payments on their accounts. The amount on your credit card could take ages to get rid of when you pay the lowest amount on the balance.

Low APR Credit Cards: Using Credit To Become Debt Free?

It might look odd to think about credit as a device used to become free of debt but it is all in how the cards are used. The tremendously aggressive characteristics of the credit card industry have made way for a minimum interest introductory rate and the 0 credit card introductory rate.

Low APR Credit Cards: The Power Of Low Interest Rates

Low interest rate credit cards aren’t intrinsically terrible, but if utilized carelessly can result in added debt. Self restraint is necessary when trying to stay within your budget, and if you are in debt, create a plan to get out of it.

Getting a hold of low APR credit cards offers is essential to give yourself time to breathe especially if you hold other credit cards with extreme balances and high interest rates. After you have been accepted for a low APR credit card, you can relocate your balance and commence start saving in a short while. The variation in a monthly cost for a $5,000 balance at a 24.99% APR vs. a 1.9% starting APR, would be roughly $1100.

Low APR Credit Cards: Self-Discipline Is Key

Don’t take advantage of the new low APR credit cards to create more financial issues by shopping or spending more. Begin paying down the initial debt with the money you were using to previously pay for interest, and eventually your debt will vanish.

Having low APR credit cards aren’t the only answer for getting yourself out of debt. Keep an eye on all needless expenses and remain within a reasonable budget. Many people get caught up in the fact that they are borrowing money for a very low rate but you want to take advantage of this rate to help pull yourself out of debt in the first place. Have a plan and set your financial goals and use low APR credit cards to help you achieve those goals!

Zero Percent Credit Cards

Many banks and financial institutions are making zero percent credit cards offers available to new customers. Keep in mind that the zero percent credit cards won’t last forever because a promotional period is attached to it. After that period elapses your credit card balances will start attracting interest.


Zero Percent Credit Cards: Take Advantage Of It

Credit card companies offer this as a way to attract customers to sign up for their 0% credit cards APR. Credit card issuers will never allow customers to borrow money indefinitely.

You will still be able to spend money on your credit card with a rate of 0% as long as the zero percent APR promotional period is still in effect. Interest charges won’t be applied to any purchases at all during that period so you are borrowing free money during that time.

Zero Percent Credit Cards: Balance Transfer Credit Cards Feature

Another advantage of zero percent credit cards is that consumers can transfer their balance from other high interest credit cards to their zero percent credit cards. What that means is that consumers will no longer have to pay the large interest on their existing credit card debts. This is a very good way to savings on credit card debts. This really helps customers avoid getting deeper into debt as a result of difficulty in paying the high interest debts.

Zero Percent Credit Cards: The Second Chance In Life

Another way to look at getting zero percent credit cards is that it gives you a second chance to get your finances together. This means customers can borrow money for other purchases and look for ways to pay it within the limited promotional time of the interest-free offer.

Zero Percent Credit Cards: Things To Consider Before Applying

Here are things to consider before applying for a zero percent credit card:

  • Credit Score Rating: Have a good grasp of your credit standing and check your credit score. Knowing your credit rating will give you an idea if you are likely to qualify for the credit card in the first place
  • 0% APR Promotion Period: The length of the 0% APR promotional period is very important to consider when choosing a credit card. Typically this period ranges from 6 months to 18 months
  • Interest Rate or APR After The 0% Period: The interest rate or APR that will be charged when the interest-free period expires is another important factor to be considered
  • Zero percent credit cards have additional features as well so it would be wise to compare and contrast multiple 0% APR credit cards


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