The Types of Rewards Credit Card Available

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There are lots of different rewards credit cards available so it definitely pays to do a bit of research into what’s available before you decide which one to apply for. To give you a better idea of the options, this article takes you through some of the different types of rewards credit card.

Cash back/charity:

One popular rewards credit card is the cash back card. This gives you cash back on your purchases (generally around 0.5% but sometimes more on certain products), which you can then spend on other things. There are also charity versions of these cards available, which give you the option of donating your cash back to good causes so you can help the less fortunate whenever you use your rewards credit card.

Points and vouchers:

You can also get rewards credit cards that offer you points or vouchers in exchange for what you spend. This can range from points you can redeem against your weekly food shop to vouchers for spa days, activity days and more. The activities and other options on offer will differ depending on which card you go for.


You can also find rewards credit cards that offer you discounts on different products. This can include discounts on holidays, gym membership, flying lessons, cosmetics, wine and more. The extent of the discount will depend on the product in question and the rewards credit card you choose to apply for.

Air miles:

Another popular type of rewards credit card is the airmiles credit card. This gives you air miles in exchange for everything you spend. The air miles can then be redeemed in exchange for flight upgrades, flight discounts and even free flights once you have built up enough points. These cards are popular with everyone from frequent business flyers to people looking to get better deals on their holiday travel.

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