China is leader of global wind energy production

The biggest capacity increase in wind energy production in the world took place in China with 23,370 megawatts last year. According to the Annual Market Report of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the wind energy power in the world increased by 12.6 percent (54 thousand 642 megawatts) comparing to the previous year, and it reached  a level of 486 thousand 800 megawatts. GWEC expect the market to pick up again in 2017. In wind energy capacity the biggest increase was in China with 23,370

The ABC’s of Buying Rental Properties — A Hands-On Approach To Success

I love real estate.  However, I respect it at the same time, meaning you must treat this type of investment with care, love and lots of attention to be successful with it.  In my 15 years of experience with investing in real estate, I have learned much. But, perhaps the most important lesson I have learned is that it is not a get rich quick investment, and it is HANDS ON. If you follow some basic rules, you will do very well with real estate.