How to Save Enough for Retirement

For younger workers, retirement may seem like a distant event that doesn’t bear a great deal of consideration. Most of us realize that we should be putting some money away, but comparatively few actually do so. And those who do may not be saving enough. Too many workers continue to rely on Social Security and pensions as their main source of retirement income, and see savings as a way to have extra money. But these days, that kind of thinking is seriously flawed. It’s entirely

Retirement: Don’t Let Your Money Retire

Retirement can be a joyful time of life. You get to leave the daily grind and spend more time doing the things you love with the people you care about. If you’ve saved up enough money to live comfortably, you can live a fulfilling, carefree life. If you did a particularly good job of retirement planning, you may have enough money in savings to carry you through for many years to come. Even so, it’s wise to keep your money working for you. You’ll need

Kids’ Clothes on a Budget

Kids grow up entirely too fast. It seems like one minute they’re taking their first step, and the next they’re off to their first day of high school. All of the milestones along the way are cause for celebration, but they also remind us that our “babies” won’t be babies forever. Kids grow quickly in the literal sense of the word, too. They go through clothes at lightning speed, often growing into a new size before the clothes they’ve been wearing start to look worn.

Fire Trucks Volkan Group

Volkan Group, which sells fire trucks and equipments to Turkey and the world market, is proud to be an important company with its long years of experience. As a result of long R & D studies, the vehicles and equipments produced with the latest technology are aimed to meet the needs of the day. At this stage, he is also attracting attention as an important partner in international fairs. Volkan Group offers services with thousands of employees in its own area. Especially the group which

toMarine Valves, Waterworks Valves, which started to produce in İzmir Kemalpaşa, is one of the leading companies in valve field. As a result of long R & D work, there are dozens of products that are driven to the market. The vast majority of these products are used in industrial areas. Industry, ship, water and sewage, agriculture, such as dozens of valves and cables, such as products continue to market. The company, which has a significant manufacturing base in Turkey and in the world, is now regarded as

Global Markets: European stocks retreated as pound strengthened

In international markets, the pound strengthened while Europe’s stocks retreated. European stocks have not been able to make their losses through the negative mode yet despite the losses of the US stocks. After the repressive comments of the chief economist of Bank of England’s there seen an acceleration in pound. On the other hand, oil has risen by giving back its losses.  The Stoxx Europe 600 Index, though stabilizing in oil prices, has been heading for two more days. The end of the mission of

Shopping centers in USA will be a thing of the past

The number of the shopping centers has increased especially in the last ten years in many countries. But, the United States is prepared to give an end to the golden ages of the shopping centers. Hundreds of shopping malls throughout the country have turned into ghost houses. Shopping centers were the symbol of comfortable life in the 1970s and 1980s in the outskirts of cities in the USA. These shopping malls were the meeting point for families and friends. Nowadays, hundreds of ghost centers have

Global Markets: European stocks increased with Macron

European stocks entered the second day of their gains with the support of rising French stocks after the acquisition of Emmanuel Macron‘s historic majority in the National Assembly of France. The pound continued its rising while the euro remained unchanged as Brexit negotiations started. Miners and banks were the biggest winners in the Stoxx Europe 600 Index. The CAC 40 Index rallied after the Emmanuel Macron government won a historic majority in the French National Assembly. Oil scrapped its losses, however the number of active

Brexit Negotiations will start this week

Negotiations about departure of Britain from the European Union (EU), known as Brexit will start in Brussels this week. Britain decided to leave the EU with a referendum held in June last year, and officially launched the separation process on March 29th, operating 50 items of the Lisbon Treaty. The EU decided on April 29th with a special summit in negotiations. Negotiations will be held in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, which hosts several EU institutions, will be held between Britain’s Brexit Minister David Davis