Charitable Remainder Trust

I must admit that this is an area that I am far from an expert.  But one luxury I have being in the financial planning and investment management business, is that I am exposed to experts in all areas.  We like to expose our clients to the best of the best in all areas of the complex world of your financial life.  When it comes to estate planning, we have allied with Isenberg, Bottoms & Hyman, LLC who are truly considered among the best in this

Don’t Lease a Car! — Why It’s Almost Always a Poor Financial Decision

Let’s get right to the point. Leasing a car is almost always a very poor financial decision.  I’m going to focus the next few Woody’s Goodies on car buying tips.  But the first tip is, DON’T LEASE A CAR! Summarized below are my views on the disadvantages of leasing a car: The selling price is usually MSRP.  Many dealers hide this value from you, diverting you to low monthly payments. Many car sales people will simply tell you its cheaper to lease, where you can’t

What Should You Pay For Rental Real Estate?

Through my 20 plus years of experience with investing in real estate, I have learned that purchase price is where you make your money. Now, I realize that sounds so obvious that you may not even think it’s worth mentioning, but I see people overlook this simple statement so often that I’ve decided to write an entire article on just this subject. Real estate can be an emotional purchase for many people. When you fall in love with a particular property for any reason other

The ABC’s of Buying Rental Properties — A Hands-On Approach To Success

I love real estate.  However, I respect it at the same time, meaning you must treat this type of investment with care, love and lots of attention to be successful with it.  In my 15 years of experience with investing in real estate, I have learned much. But, perhaps the most important lesson I have learned is that it is not a get rich quick investment, and it is HANDS ON. If you follow some basic rules, you will do very well with real estate.