Prepaid Credit Cards Explained

Credit cards offer many benefits. One of the most obvious is that they allow us to enjoy a purchase now and pay for it later, either in full or in payments. In exchange for that, we pay interest on the outstanding balance. But what if we are interested in the other benefits of plastic and don’t want to pay interest? Sometimes we use credit cards as a matter of convenience. They make it possible to go shopping without a wallet full of cash. They also

The Types of Rewards Credit Card Available

There are lots of different rewards credit cards available so it definitely pays to do a bit of research into what’s available before you decide which one to apply for. To give you a better idea of the options, this article takes you through some of the different types of rewards credit card. Cash back/charity: One popular rewards credit card is the cash back card. This gives you cash back on your purchases (generally around 0.5% but sometimes more on certain products), which you can then