Top Savings Accounts for Your Nest Eggs

Savings should be a part of everyone’s financial plans. We all need some money put back for a rainy day. Saving for our children’s college education is also important. And having a retirement fund is a must. Putting our savings under a mattress isn’t a very good strategy. Not only could it be stolen or burned up in a fire, but it doesn’t earn interest. Putting our savings in the bank keeps it safe and allows it to earn interest, allowing us to come out

Certificates of Deposit: An Explanation

When you hear about someone investing in CDs, do you imagine them going to the music store and stocking up? That’s probably not the case. In financial terms, “CD” stands for certificate of deposit, a popular instrument for earning interest on one’s money in the short term. Certificates of deposit are issued by banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. Their purpose is to raise money for lending purposes. For this reason, CD holders must commit to leaving their money on deposit for a certain

529 Plan: How to Save Money for College

It’s never too early to start thinking about your children’s college education. The sooner you start saving, the greater the chance your child will have enough money to get through college with no worries. But when considering college savings, many parents are unsure just what they should do with the money. You could stuff it in a sock drawer, but it would have no chance of drawing interest there. A savings account might be slightly better, but any interest earned would be taxed. A 529

Stock Trading Explained

For those who work on Wall Street, stock trading is an everyday occurrence. For many of the rest of us, it is an enigma. It just seems so complex, especially when you don’t have a clue what goes on behind the scenes. Actually, stock trading isn’t terribly difficult to understand. Here are the basics. How Stocks Are Traded The actual trading of stocks takes place at a stock exchange. The most familiar stock exchange for most Americans is the New York Stock Exchange. This is