Walking Away from Your Home?

Becoming a homeowner is one of the happiest events in many people’s lives. But when times get tough, it can be difficult to scrape up the money to pay mortgage payments each month. If you’ve accumulated enough equity, you can sell your home at a profit and get on with your life. But what happens if you owe more on your home than it’s worth? Many homeowners face the heart-wrenching decisions associated with these problems. Some choose to negotiate with their lenders, hoping for a

Pros and Cons of Buying Foreclosure Properties

In the best of times, foreclosures happen. When the economy tanks, they happen much more frequently. This is devastating to those who lose their homes, but it presents an opportunity for real estate investors and those who want to get a great deal on a home for themselves. It’s no secret that foreclosed properties are sold at much lower prices than your average home. But are they really worth it? Here are some pros and cons to think about before you spend your money on

What Is “SHARE” (Sharing Helping Always Rewards Everyone)?

The SHARE Food Network began in San Diego, California. It distributes high quality, affordable and nutritious food in order to build communities and strengthen families. The goal or theory behind the process is that you donate some of your time each month to a community task. This volunteer service can be at your library, community center or even your local SHARE distribution location. Any other random act of kindness such as helping neighbors, teaching Sunday school as well as other community service which you are

Money Saving Ideas on the Weekend

Although money may not always be in abundance for activities for the entire family, this doesn’t mean your family needs to miss out on some well-needed time together. Enjoying each other’s company is an important aspect of everyone’s life. There are many different educational, economical and fun ways your family can have fun together. We’ve come up with some ideas as to how you can still engage in some family-oriented activities for fun family activities, making memories together during these times where money isn’t always

How to Live on a Lower Incom

Experiencing a drop in income can send us into a panic and our budgets into a tailspin. Unfortunately, it can happen to just about anyone. You or your spouse could be laid off, work could dry up if you’re self-employed, or you or someone in your household could fall ill. Times like these call for drastic money-saving measures. If you have adequate savings, you will be able to live off of that for a few months. But whether you have an emergency fund or not,

How to Save Enough for Retirement

For younger workers, retirement may seem like a distant event that doesn’t bear a great deal of consideration. Most of us realize that we should be putting some money away, but comparatively few actually do so. And those who do may not be saving enough. Too many workers continue to rely on Social Security and pensions as their main source of retirement income, and see savings as a way to have extra money. But these days, that kind of thinking is seriously flawed. It’s entirely

Retirement: Don’t Let Your Money Retire

Retirement can be a joyful time of life. You get to leave the daily grind and spend more time doing the things you love with the people you care about. If you’ve saved up enough money to live comfortably, you can live a fulfilling, carefree life. If you did a particularly good job of retirement planning, you may have enough money in savings to carry you through for many years to come. Even so, it’s wise to keep your money working for you. You’ll need

Kids’ Clothes on a Budget

Kids grow up entirely too fast. It seems like one minute they’re taking their first step, and the next they’re off to their first day of high school. All of the milestones along the way are cause for celebration, but they also remind us that our “babies” won’t be babies forever. Kids grow quickly in the literal sense of the word, too. They go through clothes at lightning speed, often growing into a new size before the clothes they’ve been wearing start to look worn.

Fire Trucks Volkan Group

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